Thursday, March 4, 2010

More Studio Things

The "fabric" to our lives is as diverse as the fabrics we see in stores, or shopping. We have colorful, textured, silky, linen, soft, vintage, and every other type imaginable. However, each was created from a thought, an idea, a need. Some can be frayed, a little rough around the edges, or just plain worn out. Others are new and shinny and happy. Some are wrinkled, some are smooth, some are opaque, and some are transparent, some are forgiving and stretch when we need it to..... but each serves it's purpose. And each is useful, at different times. But each is loved.

The people we come in contact with are just as diverse. Whether these people are friends, family, or neighbors. Each is useful. Each has their own divine purpose. Each is different....some are wrinkled, some are worn out, some are happy and shinny and some are transparent.... some find it more difficult to stretch....but each serves......each is useful..... and each is loved.

I am so grateful for all the "fabrics" of my life. Those who I see often, those who I don't see often, those who I talk to often, those who I don't talk to often, and those who accept me for who I am, and for those who don't. I am thankful to be given many diverse people in my life, who help me grow.... Who help me forgive....... Who love me..... Who I love..... Who teach me patience.... Who strengthen me.... Who lift me.... Who understand me.... To each of those people/fabrics... I love you!

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