Friday, January 23, 2009

Good thoughts vs. sad thoughts

A random list that gives me joy. Good thoughts in just a few words.

1. I love to read.
2. I love to crochet.
3. I also love to create hand made books.
4. Sudoku is a favorite I like.
5. Playing games, cards, board, darts, etc.
6. Scrapbooking is right up there.
7. I even love my job.
8. My family, I love unconditionally
9. Oh, and my dogs...yes! I love them.
10. Good quotes, I have books and books of them.
11. Thrift stores.
12. Used book stores
13. Chick flicks.
14. Cookie Dough Ice Cream
15. Clean Sheets
16. Unloaded dishwasher.
17. The smell of my husbands pillow
18. Giggling children
19. My Faith
20. Rolling Pins
21. Graniteware
22. Rain, thunder, lightening
23. Jam I make
24. Gifts from my friends, who really know me.
25. Monsoon storms
26. Sourdough waffles
27. Pantry with labels forward
28. Old typewriters
29. Old sewing machines
30. Photos

Then the thoughts that don't bring me smiles

1. Missing Madisons games
2. Not hearing Jacksons laugh
3. Varcel traveling without me
4. My children hurt.
5. My children far away from me.
6. To worry.
7. Forgetting to count my blessings
8. Wanting to see my parents, and can't
9. A second bowl of Cookie Dough Ice Cream
10. Not being patient
11. Time wasted
12. Having no idea what to fix for dinner.

I am so glad my good thoughts out number my sad thoughts.
I am glad I recognise blessings, even knowing trials are blessings.
As long as I have trials, I know the Lord hasn't forgotten about me, and I know Satan is threatened..... He is trying harder to turn good things into bad things. And when those trials are the hardest...means I am worth all of his attention, so I must be worth that much more to my Heavenly Father! Today, if only for today (and I take it one day at a time) I am strong. I am very strong. And I will be strong tomorrow.

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