Friday, January 9, 2009

Rock Band

A few days before Christmas I still hadn't found "the gift" for Varce. I try to really surprise him each year, and this year I was struggling. Then my visiting teachers came, and with their wisdom they helped me..... and I got so excited.

It has always been a dream of Varce's to have a drum set. Well, this year he got one.... so the last few days before Christmas I kept telling him "I have found the best gift for you, and I am so excited to give it to you."

His response was "You got me drums!!!". I had to think fast and not let my face give it away. But I have to admit I was stunned that he would guess that. (How did he know?) He is just a good tease and this time he was a good guesser.

Anyway, enjoy the photos of Christmas day with "His drums".

Now the drums are moved to a room upstairs, where he can close the door and play all he wants. And when no one is home, I can go and sing all I want!

My visiting teachers are the best!

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