Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Critters Around Mackay

I wann'a share some sightings of critters around Mackay.

Now, don't ya 'all come moving here and ruin it all for us.

Ya'all just stay home, and I will send you the pictues, okay?

Two Elk.

They were pretty far away, but you can see them, can't 'cha?

Then we saw.....some Antelope.

Antelope love to live in the high desert.
They run really fast, and they don't stop anytime soon.
They are a little easier to spot because of the white butt they strut.

Now, I enjoy a good elk to eat.  Elk steaks, elk burger, elk LIVER, yeah, I like elk.
But an antelope, well, not so much.
They are gamey tasting.
No matter what you do with that meat it tastes like wild game.
I have tried all the seasonings in the world, all the onions, green pepper, herbs, anything and everything .
It still tastes pretty wild.
I will stick to elk. 

It might be that elk get to eat a healthier diet.
Antelope only get sagebrush and desert foods.
Elk get grass, tree bark, grass, and grass or whatever they want.

So in case you are thinking about inviting me over for dinner, please, serve me some elk.

Thank you, and farewell,

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  1. I liked the antelope. And I like the elk. I like you. :) Wait. I LOVE you. :)


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