Thursday, August 11, 2011

Short Critters in Mackay

Have you ever seen a badger in the wild?
They are tough little critters and mean as hell  heck.
They have long claws and sharp teeth.
They scare the begitters outt'a me.

FYI: A male badger is a boar, a female is a sow and a young badger is a cub.
No: they are not related to pigs.  Pig babies are piglets.

Badgers can be fierce animals and will protect themselves and their young at all costs. Badgers are capable of fighting off much larger animals such as wolves and bears. Badgers can run up to16–19 mph for short periods of time.

A long time ago, I had some dumb cousins who caught a baby badger and tamed it. 
I never trusted that badger.  My dad said they were mean, and I believed him!
That badger would follow them all around Swan Valley, where they lived.
He would even go inside the Lodge and Cafe that my Aunt Carol owned.
I think that badger was pretty famous, because everyone knew about the tame badger.

Maybe my cousins should have been raised in the city?
I wonder what kind of trouble they would have gotten themselves into if they were.

I really loved those cousins.
Del, Gary and Garth.

I miss them.

When my baby brother took us on a ride, we he spotted a badger.  Maybe one of my off spring spotted it, I can't remember.  But, we pulled off the road and watched the little bugger.  All I can say is I was so glad not to be too close to it.

I have a fear of claws and sharp teeth.

My baby brother wanted to shoot it. 
I wanted him to shoot it, too.
I wanted him to shoot it really bad!

I would love to have one stuffed in my home.  That would be really cool.
I could give my cousins husband work.  He could stuff it for me.

But, no, my off spring didn't want to have him shot.

They pleaded, "No, Uncle Kelly, don't shoot him!"

They were in a fetal position on the seat of the truck when they said that.

The badger must have heart Kelly, or saw his gun, because he tried to hide.
He hunkered down and headed for the water.
The big chicken badger.
I would hide too if a gun was pointed at me.
However, Badgers are not as smart as me (I don't think).

They are smart enough to swim.
I can't swim. 
Dang Badger!

Did you know the dachshund dog breed has a history with badgers; "dachs" is the German word for badger, and dachshunds were originally bred to be badger hounds.  (I got this information for you from the Internet).

You are welcome.

The wet little chicken badger was headed for dry ground.

Do you want to know why he was running, (besides the fact that he was running for his life)?
Because, today badgers are commercially raised for their hair, which is harvested to make shaving brushes.   Yep, more Internet facts brought to you by ......ME. :) 

Aah, shucks, it was nothing.

However, who uses shaving brushes these days?  In Europe, I suppose.  That sounds like something those people would do.

This dude gave a sideways glance backwards and disappeared into the sagebrush.
Like I said, "Shoot him Kelly!"

But no, the little dude was left alone to live another day in the wild.
To eat grubs, worms, and whatever the little dude wants to eat.
He can eat a coyote if he puts his mind to it. (Just another little Internet fact for ya :)

Really, thanking me once was enough.
Oh, stop it.
You are so welcome.

Did I tell you that I am afraid of badgers.......?

Except for these.

Yuk,  shiver my timbers, they make my skin crawl......



  1. Hahaha....mama, you cracking me up :)....and this was only enjoyable to read because he want shot :p

  2. Mom, someday, I'm going to load you up on a big airplane and make you fly across the ocean and visit other places and on that trip, we might just walk by a little barber shop, where an old man is wildly talking with his hands... hands that are holding a razor in one, and a little brush with foam on it in the other. xoxo


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