Friday, August 26, 2011

We Have A New Baby

Nearly 40 years ago we started our family.  We were excited to try to make the babies, and even more excited to get the babies.  Well, I should say, I was more excited when the babies were about 3 weeks old.  My body parts had healed a little bit, and I wasn't pregnant anymore.  However, this is a family blog so I won't tell you about all that personal stuff.  I will stick to the topic I have in mind.

So, earlier this spring we got our first 4 wheeler.  I can't remember if I told you about it or not, so I am going to pretend that you already know this.  It is red.  It is fun.  And I have to share it.  I am usually the one on the back, except when I throw my body on the trail in front of the red 4 wheeler, then DH is a real sport and asks me if I want to drive.  He is so good to take little hints like that.

This week we found out our neighbor has/had 2 Polaris, 2 seater 4 wheelers for sale.  The best part is they are/were red, too.  The bad part is we have 3 really good neighbor friends who wanted/wants one of them.  We wanted/wants one of them too.

So, our neighbor Kenny went and saw them first.  He cheated.  Because the mommy of the red 4 wheelers called us first, but he went first.  Anyway, he bought one.  Then he busted his buns to our house to show us!  The courage that man has!  I should have shoved him off of it and pounced on top of him for getting there first.  But that would be immature, so I just said, "I wanted the red one!"

He answered, "The other one is red, too!"

He was very lucky.  I don't know if he realizes how lucky he was!

So, I pushed DH into his/our truck and we went to see the other red, 2 seater, 4 wheeler.

I kept telling DH that he has worked hard for his money.....*sing that song*.... and he deserves it and his life won't be complete unless he buys it, and he will never be my best friend ever again if he doesn't buy it, but it is up to him, because it is his decision and I know he will make the right choice. 

We each took it for a little test drive.  It had a little trouble with the idle, so we negotiated.  It wasn't hard.  We/he wanted it really bad.  It was red.  It has room for both of us.  And the best part (well, one of the best parts) is the back rack thingy is a dump truck type of bed.  Now, who wouldn't want that!!!?

So, the owner/seller said she would get the idle fixed, and we said, "Auhh, shucks.  That is so sweet of you.  Since you are willing to do that, I guess we will take it.  Just because you are so sweet."

So, the next day the seller's father, who is our friend, too, delivered the red, 2 seater, 4 wheeler to our house.

Kenny, the good friend that he is, was there to cheer us on, to give us pats on our backs, to encourage us that we had done the right thing, and that our children don't need no stink'n inheritance anyway.  He is a great friend for things like that.

So, DH tried it out, and said, "Thanks honey, oh, and bye the way....Happy Birthday to US!"

That is just one of the many reasons I love that man!

Then he showed me what it looked like on.  Isn't he happy?  Just look at that face!  I think he was whispering sounded a lot like, ........."I am the one who worked for 40 years and this is the best she can........"  I didn't catch the rest.  But I am sure it ended in a smile. :) 

So, now you have met the newest member of our family. 

He/she needs a name.  Does anyone have any suggestions?


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  1. I may or may not have just woke up my roommate from my giggle spell hehehe


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