Monday, August 8, 2011

Mackay, Idaho

Do you know where Mackay, Idaho is?

Do you know where my baby brother lives?

Do you know if there is a golf course in Mackay, Idaho?

Well, that is why I am here, just help you find the answers to some of life's hardest questions.

I will answer all of those questions.

Mackay, Idaho is in Idaho.
Mackay, Idaho is where my baby brother lives.
My baby brother lives next to the golf course, which is in, you guessed it, Mackay, Idaho.

Earlier this summer we packed up 3 of our daughters, a grandson, several (4) dogs and parked our 5th wheel on the property my baby brother owns.

We just wanted to go camping!

The water is so high everywhere, and the mosquitoes are so thick they can carry a small dog away, and people just "wann'a get outt'a town".  Especially me.  Because living in a population of 50,000 people can just drive one crazy, at times.  The streets are crowded, with 11 cars within sight! 

So I said to DH, "Honey, I am just going crazy around here.  Let's go camping."

DH said, "Huh?  With 3 daughters, a baby grandson and 4 dogs?  You wann'a take them in our 5th wheel trailer? ......  This house isn't small enough for you with all these extra bodies and canine?  You wann'a do what?"

Me: "Honey, I just wann'ta get outt'a town."

DH:  "OK, I'll do anything for you dear, anything, I'll do anything, anything, for you!" *singing*

Well, he wasn't exactly singing. 

So we called my baby brother.  We asked him if he knew anywhere we could get our 5th wheel into to camp.  ......   He thought and thought........ Then he reluctantly invited us to park in his yard if we were desperate.  We could go out on the 4 wheelers, we could go for a ride up the Mine Road, we could go and look for animals, we could have a good time in Mackay.  He is such a great brother.  I knew he would know just what to tell us.  That is why I have a baby brother.  So I have someone to turn to when I need answers in life.  He knows all that kind of stuff.

Now, my brother has a name.  It is Kelly.  Although, I give him lots of other names...Like, well, because my life may be in peril I will tell you that another time.  For now.  I am gonn'a let the picture speak for me.  After all, a picture is worth a thousand words. But he is a wonderful baby brother, and has taken good care of his big sister all of his life.

So, we went and spent the weekend with them.  In Mackay, Idaho.

I think this girl had fun.

She would rather spend her summers in Juneau, Alaska.  But, she also likes Mackay, Idaho.

She wears a black t-shirt sometimes.  It has a logo on the front, which says "Perks Bar, Mackay, Idaho".  Sometimes she can be a real redneck!  But, man do I love this child!  She is my last born!

My brother has a last born, too.
His name is Kayden.
Kayden is somewhere around 16 years old.
He is so dang sweet.
He drives now.

He loves living in Mackay, Idaho.
He has 13 kids in his grade at school.

That tells you a lot about Mackay, doesn't it!!

This is next to my baby brothers house.
That tells you about Mackay, too.
I don't get to have one of these next to my house.

Although, this morning I had 3 eagles soaring above the field in front of my house.  They were screeching!!  I love eagles!  Especially bald eagles.  They are the symbol of our country.

With a symbol as majestic as an eagle, I say "God Bless America".  And "God Bless Mackay, Idaho!"

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