Tuesday, August 9, 2011

More About Mackay

Mackay, Idaho map

For those of you who were wondering where we go when we are here....in Idaho.

We go to Mackay to see some really cool things.

We have our own campground in front of the neatest cabin!  I am not kidding, it is the neatest!
It is an original cabin from a long time ago.
It sits at the front of the property that my brother owns.
It houses antiques from another era.
It also houses birds and spiders and even skunks.
Yeah, skunks.
They live under the cabin.
But they don't bother us.

Isn't this just the coolest thing ever!!

Inside one will find old potbelly stoves, trunks, and lots of old stuff covered with dust.  I just love it!

Out front of the cabin is an old mining car.  The kind that used to carry stuff from the inside of the mountain, and it would roll down some tracks, carrying the stuff from inside the mine.  Then some guys would unload the mining car and send it back up some tracks to get some more stuff from inside the mine.  It worked all day and it worked hard.

But now it is layed (or laid?) to rest in the sunshine and shade for the remainder of its life.

It is cool, huh?

And we parked our 5th wheel right in front of that old cabin.
I think I could hear that old cabin speaking to me in the night.
It said things like, "Get that giant piece of tin outt'a my sight.  You are blocking my view".
DH said I was hearing things.....little does he know ;)


My last born daughter found some living creatures under the eve of the old cabin.
She grabbed her camera, and snuck up on those creatures.

Do you wann'a know what she saw?
Yeah, I knew you would.
You are like that.

That mama bird is feeding 4 little ones. 

Three of them look pretty good, but one is really scrawny.  I am worried about it.
They get fed all day long.
Mama goes and gets worms!
She just drops those worms, without even being chewed up, right into the babies mouths.
It is amazing. 
Those babies know what to do with that live wiggly worm.  They swallow. 
Bingo, that worm is gone!

All day long that is what the mama does.

And the babies cry, "No, mama, don't go, we are still hungry!"

Mama says, "Don't be frett'en, I'll be right back with another serving.  Now, shut up and go to sleep!"

Well, maybe she doesn't say that last part.
Ain't life just grand.  There is a plan, or things like this wouldn't happen.

The end, for just today.

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  1. That was so fun to watch those little birdies all weekend! We were sooooo lucky to visit them!!!


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