Thursday, August 25, 2011

Copper Basin

About 6 months ago, a group of our friends met and scheduled a few adventures that we would be doing in the summer time.  We want more than just a few friends to be part of it.  Everyone we know are invited to join us.  We don't want to be just a few.  Our motto is the more the merrier!  So we have spread the word that we are going and want as many as the national parks will hold to gather and have a wonderful time.
We scheduled a short day ride to a place that is fairly close by.  We loaded up the 4 wheelers and packed a picnic and took off.  We had a blast.  We went up above Heise Hot Springs and rode and had a picnic.  It was just enough to wet our whistle to do more of the same.

Fast forward a few weeks, to now.  It is now time for us to go for more than a few days, and to farther away, and load up the 4 wheelers and lots more food, and our camp trailers and get outta town.

Because, well, it is now summer time, and we are adventuring now.

This past week we headed to Copper Basin.  I guess it got it's name from the copper mining that was done there many years ago.  While we were having our adventure there in Copper Basin we saw some evidences of mining to prove that I am right.  If I can find some of the photos I will prove it to you.

That might have to be another time.  Another day...

Because today I am just going to show you a few high lights of some of my favorite people.  The ones who went to Copper Basin with me.

This isn't one of my favorite people, it is one of my favorite sightings.

This is a coyote.  He lives in the wild mountains and high desert.  He eats birds and mice and whatever he feels like eating.  He is skittish and doesn't hang around long to have his picture taken.  But, he likes me so he just stood still until I had a photo of him.  Ain't he just the cutest?

Here are some other cuties.  This is (left to right) Sharma, Connie's back, and Joylynn. 
Connie belongs to Norman.
Joylynn belongs to Kenny.
Sharma belongs to Bob.
It is very important that you learn who these people are.  They are very special.  They are my friends.

Remember, we have been riding ATV's for miles and miles.  It is important you remember that.
In case you forget, our hair will remind you. 

Of course, you know my chauffeur.  My DH!  He has a Garmin and he put in the elevation of all the places we went.  Which, I might add, he was trying to keep me from oxygen most of the day.  The places we went were beautiful, and some were so high trees didn't even grow there.  Oxygen doesn't grow where there are no trees.  (Quick Science lesson for you.  You are welcome. )

Since I got onto school lessons, I want you to think of the kid that went to school with you, who just couldn't stay with the group.  They wandered off on every field trip, or day dreamed during class.  We all had one like that in our class.  And our "field trip" on this day was no different.

We were talking and laughing and realized that we were short one very tall man. 
He went for a walk.
Around the lake.
Up the side of the shell rock.
And found snow.
He threw snowballs at us. 
The snowballs didn't make it to the water.
He was too high!

DH didn't feel threatened at all!
His Garmin was more fun than snowballs in August.

This is Joylynn, who belongs to the tall missing hiker named Kenny.
Norman is getting a photography lesson from his wife Connie.
Sharma is asking Norman if he knows how to handle the expensive equipment.

Just as a quick side note....did you know that we are all grandparents?
Yet we think we are young, at least young at heart.

So, about that hiker. 
Every lake we went to he would come up missing.
He is in good, great, better than the rest of us, shape, so he hikes alone.

Yep.  This is Kenny, who belongs to Joylynn.
Who hikes and makes the rest of us look bad.
As if we didn't look bad enough riding the ATVs.

But he did bring us back a snowball.
Sharma wasn't as as impressed as I was.

But we sure had fun.
We got really dirty.
It was three long ATV riding days.
We were dirty and dusty.
But we ate great meals at night.
We slept cold.
And we were dirty, dusty and tired.

And I would relive every single minute over again.
It was THAT much fun.

Thanks good friends.


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