Wednesday, August 24, 2011


This time of the year the garden is going crazy, and so am I!

I do the "happy dance" out in the garden every single day.

The squash are growing, and the cucumbers and the herbs, and ..................

So:  Pesto is the cooking lesson today.

1.  Go outside and pick some Basil from my garden, or your garden, or at the farmer's market, or at the store.  You can get it any place you want, but I choose my garden.

It smells so good when it is fresh, fresh from the garden.

2.  Then you pick the leaves off the stems.

3.  You add some stuff to your food processor:  like the basil you just picked from my garden, and olive oil and rough chopped garlic and............. fresh pin nuts.

Sorry, the pine nuts are blurry and don't look like the $20.00 a pound that they are.  They are really nutty and yummy, but I just didn't see that they were blurry until they were already in the pesto.

4.  Turn on the food processor and let it rip all that food.  Just pulse it.  *dancing...just pulse it...pulse it.....*  If it seems a little thick add some more olive oil.  Just pulse it, and chop it, and ......*dancing* until you like what you see.  I add a little salt, too.  I forgot to take it's picture....  Sorry salt.

Then you put it in an air tight container and have it on hand.

I even freeze it.

Like ice cubes, or in small containers.

Your house will smell so good.

You food will taste so good.

You DH will tell you that "you are so good".

I promise.  I swear on my .......  Well, you get the picture. 


Have a wonderful summery fall day.



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