Friday, July 29, 2011

The Frame Photography

It has been many years since our family has had professional photos taken.

Recently I had all four of my children home for a few days.  It was wonderful.  Oliver and Kattie and Asher live in San Diego, so to get them here at the same time wasn't easy.  Tyia and Nikki live in our sweet town now, but they aren't off work at the same time, hardly ever, so let me again express how unusual it was that they could all be here at the same time.

So, on that certain day, I brainstormed, and knew we needed to get pictures.

I started calling around to get some prices.  Boy, professional photographers aren't cheap, nor are they spur of the moment.  I posted on Facebook, "help, I want our family photos done, and it has to be today. Does anyone know of someone who is available?"  At that point I was willing to spend the money to get someone.  We were running out of time.

My dear friend, Connie, called me and said she would call around for some referrals.  I was so happy.  Then she called with a couple of names.  So, I jumped for joy and called The Frame Photography.
Bree Anderson was the photographer.  She has a partner, her name is Kacey.  They were darling.  Darling!  And they both dropped what they were doing and met us that evening.

Bree asked me a few questions of what I would like the pictures to look like.  I didn't want the "studio" look.  I like spontaneous, and texture, and "outside of the box". She knew what I was saying.  She gave me a couple of choices for location.  I chose the outside barn look.  There is a big red barn, a really old big red barn, just about a mile from our house.  She has taken photos there before and so we settled on that one.

I texted all my kids with the message. "7:30 pm.  Family photos.  White shirts and jeans." I knew it would be tough.  Nikki works until 7:00 pm on the other side of town, so she would have to hurry.  I layed out a couple of white shirt options for her to try, and she would meet us at the location.

So, we quickly got our clothes picked out, did what we could with our hair, and headed to the location.

During the late afternoon on  that day the wind had been blowing pretty hard.  The western sky was getting dark with big rain clouds.  I said more than one prayer that the weather would hold off for us. As our time for the photo shoot approached the wind calmed down, and the harsh sun was behind the clouds.  The lighting for outdoor pictures was very good.  I said another prayer of Thanks!

We started with Kattie and Asher.  Wow, they looked so beautiful against the red barn, the weathered wood, the tall weeds.  I loved it!  It was just what I wanted.

Then Nikki arrived and we started mixing us up in groups.  We started laughing, and Bree brought the best of us out.  She was so cute and relaxed.  She told us over and over how easy we were to work with and how beautiful our family is.

I wanted to adopt Bree, too.  She was just like one of us. Kacey had to leave early so Bree was on her own.

It was the most fun we had had together in the last few days.  We laughed and helped each other, and really enjoyed it.

I have a big Family Tree Picture that has space around the tree for about a dozen photos.  I am going to fill those spaces with black and white photos, and frame the colored ones to display in my home.
I love everyone of the photos, and Bree made it all the more special.

 The next time you need a photo shoot, I suggest The Frame Photography ~208-757-1686 and talk to  Bree.  You will enjoy the experience as much as the results!


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