Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Feeding The Baby Adventure

My grandson was here a few weeks ago.
He charges my battery.

He also exhausts me.

But he is worth it.

Meal times with my grandson are really a......"for the birds"........"for the dogs"..... "a hoot ".

Let me show you.......

Zoey is so gentle, as she licks the sticky, grimy, greasy, slobbery fingers.
Zoey eats as much as this guy does.
In fact, all the dogs do.

They gather, waiting............waiting................waiting.

Some of the dogs keep their eyes on the floor.  Just waiting for the tidbits to fall to the ground.  But, if they are really hungry, they put their paws on the legs of that little boy, and lick whatever they find that has landed in his lap.  It is usually a feast.  The bib is just there for show.  It is really not effective against this pack.

This boy doesn't mind the dogs germs.  I think it is more flavoring, a new seasoning, or more moisture to the morsels he is shoveling into his mouth.

The nice thing about this boy, is he doesn't even mind which hand he uses....

Remember, the right hand fed Zoey.  Then the right hand fed the boy.  But, wait, there is more.....

...........the left hand works quite nicely, as well.

He doesn't care.....

Right hand, left hand, both hands, dogs, food, slobbers,.............he is really easy to get along with.

Then he fools the dogs, and drops the food off the other side of the high chair.

They don't care if it is hamburger, sting beans, pasta, they really don't mind.

Left hand, right hand, which one should I use?

Intsy weensy spider climbs up the water spout,
Down came the rain and washed the spider out,
Up came the sun and dried.........

Well, he does THAT, too.

Like I said, He Melts My Heart!

Then he is done!


The end of the meal, as far as he is concerned.

.................... Until he discovers the hole in the bar (that is trying to keep him in the high chair one more second....)


I heard him yell, "puppies, come...there is more!"

And the puppies ran, with their toenails sliding on the slick tile flooring, as they tried to abruptly stop under the source of more food.  Which happens to be anywhere near the high chair.

Yep, the puppies were there to scarf up every morsel.

That little boy emptied out the pocket of his bib, dropping each morsel of food through the new hole and the puppies were grateful.

All was good.

And I didn't have to mop the floor.

Kisses and hugs my little man!!
How I love you!!!!

*smack* I kissed you last!

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  1. It is adorable, until the novelty wears off and it happens at every meal, or snack (in our kitchen, in the car, in a shopping cart, in a line, etc...). Sadie is only one dog. She doesn't have to wressle to a spot, or share. She is even more a diva now than ever with this raise in her hiarchy. Thanks Nana, for creating a monster. :) I did learn, however, to double his food servings as at least HALF of his food ends up in the Diva, or under a foot, or tire, or... xoxo


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