Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Old SD Card '10

I came across an old SD card.
I wasn't sure what was on it.
So I opened it up.
It is full of pictures.
One was of the gift I gave Tyia for her birthday.

She got 2 of these little chairs.  I just loved them, and she had a table they would work well with, so they were hers.

However, there a few more random pictures.

Like the day we did corn for the freezer.
That was a fun day with my niece and daughters.

In total we did 50 bags of frozen corn.  Some of it is in my freezer still, and some is in my daughters freezer.

It takes a lot of kernels of corn to fill 50 quart size bags, to put in the freezer.

But some of my favorites are of the time we were at the State Fair.
My youngest grandson was a tiny baby then.
The pictures helped me smell the fair.
The hamburgers, cow manure, sheep, lots of people, dust, flowers, etc.

Yep, this baby was just little then.  He didn't have any teeth, he wasn't eating solid foods, and he thought his mommy was the only one in the world.

And another of my daughters was still hanging out a lot more with her parents, back then.  She was helping in our kitchen, keeping us laughing, and using our driveway.

We looked at all the home grown produce and found a pumpkin which weighed 460 lbs.  Yikes.  Who picked it?  Who loaded it into a truck?  Who had a big enough truck?  How did they get it to the fair?  Who unloaded the pumpkin?

Tyia wanted the answers to all of the questions.

How long did it take the Native Americans to bead this clothing?
Where can I buy some?
Do they still do shoes?

Yes, they "do shoes", or rather moccasins. 

Did you want to buy a pair?

My DH likes to learn things when we go to the fair.
He doesn't just walk around and "look"....

he "studies"!

Some of my favorites are the animals.
I think I should have married a farmer. 

I actually like the smell of a barn, and the warmth of the cows and sheep.
I even like the straw they lay in and the big brown eyes of the cows.

I like to see the bony hips on the girls.....

.......and the big brown eyes of the cows......

....and my daughters love to hang out with me in the same places.....

They get a kick out of this stuff, too.

We also like the bunnies.......

Well, I could go on and on, on on on on on on ononnnnnnn

But, it is the middle of July, and we are just 2 months away from the State Fair again.

I am getting my mind ready to decide what foods I am going to eat this year.
Will it be the doughnut burger.....?
Will it be a tiger ear.......?

Will I enter anything in the fair this year????????

But for today, I am enjoy summer, and realizing that fall isn't too far away.

Love for now,

PS.  I just had to share one more picture .....
       have you ever seen a sheep with dread locks/?????????

Makes me wonder what is so special under the blanket?????


The end.

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  1. Oh!!! These are so precious! That was such a fun visit for us, and oh my Ash was TINY once!!! I loved seeing these, I'm so glad you found that card and looked first before you formatted it. :) I love you Mom... and your blog! xoxo


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