Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Snake River Geese

Idaho Falls got it's name because we have some terrific falls in our city.  The Snake River winds its way through the farms, mountains, towns, and some places that resemble a desert.  Lewis and Clark rode in a canoe on the Snake River.  Many early settlers trapped beaver and all sorts of critters on the banks of this mighty river.  There are some big trout in here, too.

Lately we have been watching the river breech it's banks and flood in several places.

On the west side of the river, in downtown Idaho Falls, we have a wonderful walking path.  People ride their bikes, take walks, push baby strollers, and even skate board on the walking path.  However, with the river over it's banks, the sidewalks have disappeared, and we have a few new critters who are taking advantage of the shallow water, where the path should be.

Aren't they just precious?  I want to touch that soft downy fluff ball.

But these little critters come with a mom and a dad.  I will stay my distance for now.

These moms and dads have "honkers" that can hurt you.
They are loud "honkers", too.
They say, "Get back away from my babies, or I will bite your buttocks!"

It is true.  I heard them speaking "Goose Latin."

There are families of geese everywhere on the river, but this one family caught my heart the moment I saw them.  The mom and dad are so diligent in protecting their little flock. 

Did you know that geese mate for life?  They do.  And it is sad when something happens to one of them, because it leaves the other one alone.  They are not complete if they aren't together.

Geese mate for life, and for the eternities.  Like some people.

This mama goose is singing praises for eternal families.  She sings with out care of the quality of her voice, as her message is what is important.  Her kids know it, too.  They listen to their mama and know her message is true.  They know they should pick the right guy goose to date so they will chose a wonderful mate. Shortly after the blissful wedding day they will have start a family.  It better be the right choice they make, because their mama and poppa will have to let them join the extended family.  That is what this mama goose it telling her goslings.

Did you understand all of that?  If not, re-read it.  There is some powerful message hidden in there and I don't want you to miss it.

Go ahead, I'll wait.

Or maybe she is just holding up her head to see which way the wind is blowing.

I don't know for sure, as she is speaking pretty fast, and I am a bit rusty on my "Goose Latin".

The mama and the poppa try to tell the goslings to watch their example.  Some times there is rough water, or high winds and it is hard to stay together.  In the fields below where they will some day fly are men with guns who hunt geese.  They are cunning hunters and hide in the weeds.  As the flock flies over head, thinking happy little thoughts, they don't realize there is danger very close. 

The mama and the poppa show their little ones what willows and weeds look like, so they can learn what to watch for, and be very cautious. 

They are explaining to the goslings all the geographical changes in the river banks.  They must teach them that stuff, or the kids would think swimming on grass is the natural thing to do.

So, having said that to the little ones, they also told them about the litter, and the photographers, especially the lady who has the big black camera and wants to pee her pants cuz they are so cute, and the families who keep throwing bread at them, and about eating responsibly. 

 At this point the little ones are getting bored with all the lessons they are being taught, so mama and poppa decided it was time to join the others of the flock and let the little ones play.  The smart parents know the short attention span of the youngsters.

And by now I bet you would like to know what the rest of the Snake River looks like. 

Look closely on the left side of the photo.  That is where I show you the normal river channel.

Thanks for looking.
I had fun doing it for you.

So, now ain't that something to see? 
All those birds of a feather flocking together......

Thanks for your patience until I got back to the beginning of what I was going to show you.
I think it's pretty dang neat, too.

Bye for now.

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