Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Shoshone Falls vs. Niagra Falls

This spring has been one of the most exciting to experience.
Due to the large amount of snow we had during the winter, we now see lots of water.
The rivers are full of run off from the mountains.

Some areas in the state are having flood warnings.
We haven't seen severe flooding, because those in charge of the dams are so good.
The reservoirs have been draining much of the water into the rivers.
That is making more room for the melting snow to fill the reservoirs again

South of where we live is a town called Twin Falls.
Shoshone Falls is near Twin Falls.

So, a group of us took a ride to see the water in Shoshone Falls.
And it was spectacular.

The water has carved a pretty canyon and exposed lots of crevices in the rocks ,which the animals and birds to call home.

We had a wonderful time with our friends, and taking a little time to enjoy the beauties which surround us.
And we count our blessings every day because we are so thankful to live where we do.

This is a few of our friends....... (me) Paula, JoyLynn and Diane (Diane is JoyLynn's sister visiting from Surprise, Arizona. and she has a home in the Seattle area, too).

 Our husbands 4 wheel together, fish, camp, and entertain their wives, build gardens, mow lawns, haul dirt, put up fences, take their wives to dinner, go to movies, and are pretty much joined at the hip.

Our husbands are so much alike. 
And the women are, too.

And we all like Choke cherries.

The following photo is a choke cherry bush in blossom.

Soon we will pick the little berries and make jam and syrup.
And take a picnic, and ride the 4 wheelers, and play some more.

Shoshone falls is as spectacular as Niagara Falls, and a whole lot closer!

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