Friday, April 2, 2010

Spring Has Sprung

I don't suppose you need a lesson about the birds and the bees.... because you know how and why it all works the way it does, right? You know that the bees fly around, tasting all the nectar, and go from one flower to another... tasting.... ( they are a little trampy I suppose....)

And they taste, and taste........ (and tramp around..)

Well, I know that much as well. The bee part is easy...

I have a garden, a lovely garden, where ... you know the primary song....
I have the bee part in my garden... watching them go from flower to flower,
And I enjoy it. They enjoy my flowers, the fresh air, the sunshine....
I enjoy watching the bees be trampy...

But, what I don't get, is where do the birds come in...
They don't play with the bees. They don't land on my flowers.... well,
once in a while I will see a humming bird... but I can't include the entire
bird thing just from one little humming bird...
So, why is it we call it the "birds and the bees"?
I understand the bees... but not the birds????
Hope you enjoyed seeing what I am enjoying... Spring in Arizona... I love it!
Now sing with me... "I have a garden, a lovely garden, where......."

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