Thursday, May 29, 2008

Memorial Day in Arizona has never been like this before! We took our 5th wheel RV up to the rim and knew we would have a few days of unsettled weather. Possible rain, much like the valley, and a possible skiffffff of snow. But just to be sure I packed food for cooler weather. Veggies and such to make soup, baked lasagna, that sort of thing.... and it is a good thing. We ate lots of soup, hot tea, hot cocoa, read books, watched it snow, played games, crocheted, watched DVD's, and watched it snow. It was AWESOME! We woke to this weather on Friday morning, and it didn't melt until Monday. Then it simply disappeared. No mud for the dogs to play in, and not a mess inside the RV. The RV kept us warm, and we opened all the blinds, and just enjoyed the handiwork of God. It was quiet, restful, and soothing. It wasn't what we thought it would be like, it was better, It was Christmas.
Oliver was in town for a few days, so he pitched his tent in the snow, ans stayed a couple of nights with us. Kattie was able to come for a couple of days, and she brought her dog, Sadie, and they enjoyed the sunshine in the valley with Nikki while we had snow, and she came up on Sunday evening and enjoyed the cool but drier weather. Monday, Nikki and her family joined us and we witnessed what paint ball is between sister and brother inlaw. Kattie has a few bruises to be proud of. We also had foil fry dinners and som'mores around the fire and loved the cool evening and warm fire. The chocolate wasn't bad either.

Thank you family for making the effort to be together. My heart swells with pride and love for each of you!


  1. It's about time Tyia got pregnant! When is she due?

  2. i can't believe all of the snow you got...i'm glad you enjoyed it so:) thanks for popping over to visit me and leaving such kind words...


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