Saturday, January 15, 2011

Them's Buffalo / Bison

We took a drive again today.
I just love having my DH all to myself and talk. 
This retirement thing is wonderful!
The winter landscape is always changing and to be in it and part of it is HEAVEN.

 Well, if you think heaven isn't going to have this kind of scenery, you might not be in the same heaven as me.
I find these majestic creatures stunning, powerful and breath taking. I want them in my heaven.  I want to pet them when they are in heaven and tame.

However, it is a little odd seeing them on the old highway going to Ucon, Idaho.  The little town where I grew up.  It is out in rural, rural, rural, Idaho.  Farmers, farmers, and a couple of school teachers and a few site workers lived there.  And the neatest teenagers that ever walked on the dirt of Idaho!

Way back then we went to church 3 times on a Sunday.  Priesthood in the early morning for the men.  Then Sunday School for all the families.  Then we went home, ate our dinner, and was back to church at 5:00 pm for Sacrament Meeting. 

After Sacrament Meeting all the teenagers would hurry home and change our clothes, and gather at the baseball diamond.  We only got to play about an hour, but when you are a teenager, an hour is all the time you need to do a little flirting.  Especially when you are 13 years old and haven't got a clue how to flirt.

But it is those few stolen hours during a week that teenagers could "practice" on our friends and not be laughed at.  We looked out for each other.  We knew we were just "practicing" and it was safe.

We all had moms looking out for us.  Even our friends moms looked out for us.  Sometimes, the moms of our friends knew more than we thought they did.

We were young and little and very inexperienced.  We didn't shave under our arms yet.  But we were shaving our fuzzy legs.  We were trying mascara, blush, and maybe a little blue eyeshadow.

In those days the girls wore dresses or skirts to school.  And they couldn't be higher than the top of your knee.  Even in the winter we wore dresses.  I was so glad when I was old enough to were panty hose to school.  It wasn't much, but helped keep my legs a little warmer.

But moms were always watching.

Marsha's mom.
Myrtle's mom.
Bonnie's mom.
Bill's mom.
Don's mom.
Spencer's mom.
Gary's mom.

Lots of moms knew what we were all doing.  We were always together.  And we were safe in numbers.

Some one was always watching, and caring, and loving, and encouraging, and supporting, and THERE.

So, just because the eyes weren't our own mom's, we were watched, and loved, and protected.

I am so filled with gratitude of all the mom's who kept on eye on me.

Thanks to all of you.

Your example has helped me be more aware of the friends of my kids.  And I watched them.
I loved them, I helped them, I encouraged them.
And just because I am not 13 anymore, and none of my kids are 13, I have a grandson who is. 
I hope his mom is watching, and when she isn't, I pray someone is.
Our dear kids need all the help they can get these days.

So, keep your eyes open.  Keep your kids' safe, and keep a few more with them safe.

I love you 13 year olds, and 16 year olds and 5 month olds.
May someone always be watching out for you.

And remember:  Mom's have eyes in the back of their heads.
If you don't believe me, just ask my kids........

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