Monday, January 24, 2011

10 Things I Love About Winter

1.  It stays dark longer in the morning.  I love getting to sleep in until 7:30 a.m.

2.  The quiet of the snow.  All the traffic sounds are absorbed in the snow, and it is QUIET.

3.  To see wildlife in the snow.  Nature doesn't stop, not even if it is dark or cold.

4.  The world slows down.  People hibernate and there is less traffic. 

5.  To stay home and bake.  The house smells good.  The oven helps to warm the house.

6.  Everyday is different.  Fog, freezing, thawing, snowing, cloudy, crisp clean air.  A variety!

7.  The early sunsets give us extra time in the evenings to put on jammie's and watch movies.

8.  Inviting friends and family over for dinner.  Playing games and snacking.

9.  It isn't dark at night.  The snow reflects the city lights and the light of a full moon.

10.  Time slows down.  There are extra hours to read, relax, have a nap.

Yes, I am loving winter.  Everything about it.  To wear warm sweat pants and hoodies everyday.  Eating soup for dinner twice a week.  Hot bread from the oven twice a week and sharing it with neighbors and friends and family.  The crunch of snow under my feet.

And it is great having an extra the garage!
Sodas are cold.  Apple juice is cold.  Left overs are cold.

Yep, I love winter.

Next year I hope to join DH as we take a run down the ski ski hill....................for old times sake.

Yep, I love winter.

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  1. Ok, I needed this today, even though the sun was shining it was way too cold. I grouch a lot about winter and your beautiful post made me reflect on the good things about winter. You didn't add that it makes it really exciting to travel to someplace warm. When it is warm here, that isn't nearly as exciting. I loved all of your beautiful moonlit pictures. Oh, I thought of one more, sitting by a fire is a lot nicer in the winter, and one more, hot chocolate! Ok, there are some good things.


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