Monday, January 17, 2011

No Pheasant Under Glass

I have eaten Pheasant Under Glass.  It was very good.

My mom used to have earrings made with Pheasant feathers.  I would cut off my new surgically replaced right knee to have some of those earrings now.

My dad let me drive his car in the fall when I was still too young to drive, while we hunted for Pheasants.

My eye was trained at a young age to look for the dark spot in a field.  Dark spots mean Pheasants (sometimes).  That training has never left me.  Every time I get in the car or truck I look for dark spots.  They can be in ripe grain fields, or frozen snow covered fields.....I always look.

It pays off.

A couple of days ago my DH and I went for a drive up north.  We saw such sights......
As we got back into the "big city" where we live, I was still sight seeing.

I screamed, "Stop, there is a Pheasant".  DH didn't hardly move a muscle.  He slowed down, made a u-turn and took me back to where I had spotted the pheasant.

We pulled off the road into a shopping parking lot.  It was quite a distance from where I wanted to be, but we didn't want to scare them off.

We cut the motor and watched.

I said a thankful prayer for my zoom lens and my camera.

The rooster was still leery of us, even though we were a field away from him.  He must have heard the camera click, or something, because he headed for his "little lady" and to protect her.

She didn't move.  She didn't ruffle a feather.  She knew what it meant to stay put, and let her "man" protect her.  She did good.  He did really good.  What a team they made.

Can you see them hiding?

We drove away and left them alone.  We prayed they were making babies in their little nest.  So we can see more next year.


  1. And that my SW is why we live in Idaho, thanks for believing in me.

  2. How amazing! I have heard you both talk about and yearn for such sightings for YEARS and am so very very happy you got to share that moment together! Thanks for always having your trusty camera on you mom. ;)


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