Saturday, January 15, 2011

DH Loves Snow Days

DH has access to our friends toys.  Therefore, DH loves Snow Days.

He loves to put on his fur lined warm gloves. 
He loves to wear his Carhart Coat, which, according to DH, is the best coat in the world for cold weather.
He adores his stylish hat....enough said.

He feels like "a man" with the keys to everyones garages in our cul-de-sac.  Especially since nearly every man is out of town.  And while they are "out of town" DH has full control of our "said friends" environment.

Now, if you have a conversation with DH regarding these "said friends" you might be surprised with the language he uses. 

For instance.
Yesterday, DH doned all the cold weather clothing he owns, except his winter boots and insulated coveralls.
He spent the better part of several hours outside, doing the "man thing".
He shoveled, by hand 7 driveways.  They are big sucker driveways, too.  I give him high 5's for that!

Then he gets out the "keys" and legally breaks and enters said friends premises, where he also has the keys for motorized toys.  He starts the engine.  He reves the engine.  No, not really.  He starts the 4 wheeler with the bad ____ plow on the front and pulls out of said friends garage.

Now, these friends.  They really are great friends.  They share everything they own with us.  They feed us, they go out to dinner with us, they celebrate birthdays with us, they give us their house keys.  They are great friends.....except.....they leave town when the tempuratures drop and the snow falls.  They are sissy frieinds.  I called them poopy friends.  DH said to blog about that name, and he agreed with me....they are poopy friends.

Our friends went to Arizona!  That is our "other home", and they left us here.  Alone.  On our first winter.  With record cold and record snow fall. With their keys and responsiblities of their homes.  We are incharge of watching for leeking basement windows, and frozen water pipes, and furnaces, and AND shoveling their driveways!  Aurgh!  And we love every minute of it!!!!

And what are they doing.....golfing.....decorating houses......going to Hobby Lobby with out ME!  Those poor friends of ours are suffering in polution, traffic, sunshine and heat....64 degree heat.  Those poor darlings.  They have it rough.  So we will continue to watch their belongings, and play on their toys, and shovel their snow. 

Cuz, that is just the kind of friends we are!  Have fun you guys!!!  All is well at home!!!

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