Friday, January 14, 2011

The January Diet

We tried not to put on any extra pounds during December around here.
We all succeeded.  I am very proud of us all.

It wasn't easy.  Unless you have no food in the house.
We found ourselves eating like birds.....

As products of our genes, we all have round middles.  That is just how the apple falls from the tree, given our heritage.  We have short legs, too.  Something we wish we could change that fault.  But, I would bet there are a lot people who wish they could change something about their bodies.

Some don't like the color of their hair, and some do something about the color of their hair.
In our house, we do something about it.
That is what makes us feel better about ourselves.

So, I guess we will just have to be happy with who we are, or "fly the coop".

The end.

ps.  In case you are wondering about these birds...I took the pictures from my dining room window. 

pss.  These partridge come and visit us everyday.  There are 7 some times, but on this day only 4 came.

pss.  We threw wheat (yep, from our food storage) out side to them.  About every 3rd day we feed them.

psss.  I think they rival the mouse for the wheat.

psss.  I like the birds, but not the mouse so much.

The end, again.

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