Thursday, April 5, 2012

Zoey The Snow Bunny

I live with a snow bunny.

She isn't a bunny, she is a dog.  But she hops like a bunny, and she runs fast like a bunny, and she poops.  Does that count?

And she loves living in the cold as much as I do.  We both embrace these snowy days.

She looks at me and says "Mom, come and build an igloo for me".  I ignore her.  She asks for that every time it snows.  And I just keep ignoring her.

I know I hurt her feelings.  But it can't be helped.  I want to build a snow fort.  It is something the two of us will never agree on.  Since she doesn't have opposing thumbs she will just have to pout.

Sorry sweetheart.  I will another day.  You are such a good girl, and I just have to spoil you.  And kiss you. And bathe you.  And smell your wet dog hair after you play out in the snow. Never mind.  I am not building you an igloo.  I am too busy.

Love, Me

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