Tuesday, August 10, 2010


This is Reggie.
She is a 7 week old Shitzu.
She is my mom and dads newest member of the family.

She lost her nose.
She makes the stuffiest little sounds...
like she is trying to breathe.

But how can she breathe?
She doesn't have a nose.

At my brothers house all the little kids loved to touch and pet her.
She loved it!
She would chase them on the grass.
The kids would run,
and Reggie would follow bouncing through the grass.

My sister in law has a Shitzu.
Her name is Susie.
Susie wasn't too sure about Reggie.

Playing with all the kids,
being held by all the adults,
watching all the action,
just tires a girl out.

She likes her blanket.
She goes right to sleep when she is on her blanket.

Welcome to the family Reggie.

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  1. oh! oh! oh!!!! I can smell her little puppy breath and feel her sharp teeth!!! Lucky Grams and Papa! FINALLY!!!! I can't wait to meet her. She is probably being spoiled rotten, and I say good. These little creatures bring so much love to our world, it's the least we could do in return to give our love back. :) (Think of Lucy Mom...) ;)


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