Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Blog Change

I always wondered why no one ever left a comment on my blog.
I wondered if others ever read it.

I looked at my settings today....and WHA LA!

I needed to change one little tiny dot.
So I did.

Please leave me a comment so I can see if it is working correctly.

The Management.......that's me  :)


  1. I heart your blog...I come read it at least twice a day...so if you could post twice in one day it would be helpful!
    Love Peggy

  2. Dear Management,
    You're awesome :)
    And I comment all of the time.
    Your blog is now the first website I come to every morning. I'm so glad you're updating it everyday!! If you're taking requests i'd love to see some pics of the construction progression around your home. :D LOVE YOU!!

  3. Hi Tawnya!

    I read your blog and enjoy it! You live closer to me (and Katie too now!) AZ won't be the same without you though.

    Carol X


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