Monday, August 30, 2010

Ivy is a stinker

My sweet Ivy was watching the rain outside.
She so so so badly wanted to go outside and play.
She might have even wanted to pee, who knows.

So, being the loving master that I am, I watched her suffer.  She was so patient and didn't bark or beg.  She just sat patiently and waited.

I couldn't stand it.  My heart was breaking watching her.  She is so dang cute.

And my back yard is fenced.  It is safe.  Even if it rains.  Except for the place where the previous owners had a garden.  That part of the yard is dirt.  Clay dirt.  The kind of dirt that water doesn't soak into. The water just sits there.  Waiting for the wind and the air to carry it back into the sky.

Her eyes, they penetrate me.  They beg me to let her go outside.  She loves the clean Idaho air.  She loves to run in the wind and feel her hair blow.

So, I finally talked to her.  I told her how much I love her, and how I understand the desire to run outside and frolic in the clean Idaho air.

I opened the door and all 3 dogs charged outside like they were fleeing from a fire.  Charged I say.

That cute face is just irresistible.  I let her have her own way, just this once.

And do you know what she did to repay me for all my love and devotion  to her.

She went outside, sniffed  the green wet grass, walked around some more.  Sniffed some more.  And then she layed on her back and scratched and scratched her back in the green lush grass.  The green lush grass that grows in clay dirt.  The green lush grass, where all 3 dogs squat, and poop.  Yep, that is EXACTLY where Ivy was rolling on her back and rubbing her backbone, directly where a previous dog had recently squatted.

At the time I watched her rolling I hadn't completely realized what was ensuing.  I just thought she was cute.

I turned to the youngest daughter and said, "That Ivy, she is so cute.  You know how Zoey lays on her back and scratches her back on the carpet or the grass,.....well, Ivy is doing that.  I have never seen her do that before".

Youngest daughter nearly spit out her tongue as she burst out laughing!

She said "I have seen Ivy do that *laughing out of control* and, .....and...... *laughter is getting worse*....and it usually means she has found something stinky and she is rolling in it!"

I said, "Oh No!  You mean I have one of THOSE DOGS"?!


That is exactly what was happening.

As punishment to both Ivy and my youngest daughter, Ivy was bathed by the Youngest Daughter.  *laughter continued for many minutes from youngest daughter* much to my dismay.

I, however, on the other hand, got a clean towel, and was ready to dry the little beast and brush out her hair.  (I have sincerely tried to give up swearing, but at times like this, I have to wonder what other words would possibly feel as good.)

That darling little girl dog, yeah, the one with the clean hair, curled up on the chair and fell sound asleep.  She acted as if she had to do something hard.  Like she was exhausted.  Like, we had picked on her.

I have news for the little beast.  The next time Zoey and Ozkar are chasing her and biting off her hind quarter, I might just let them do it.

She might realize then what a wonderful care giver she has!

If she is smart she just might climb up on the chair and stay there for about 17 days.... no matter how bad she has to pee.  She just better think about the lesson she learned today.  She better think twice about rolling in stinky places.

But just look at her.  You know how bad she must feel.  She didn't mean to cause anyone any trouble.

She is so cute.  She is nearly perfect in every non-barking way.  The barking way she still could work on, but other than that one really annoying thing she is nearly perfect.

Nearly perfect.

Oh, hold on.  Ivy needs to go out and........... I am thinking about allowing it, right after I clean up the back yard.

Yep, I gotta go now.  I have preparations to make for the 3 beasts who live here.

They are nearly perfect beasts.  Nearly.


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  1. well, which do you prefer... dogs or kids? Kind of a toss up isn't it? :D At least dogs don't sass back... or do they? LOL Oh and don't worry mom... I have one of "those dogs" too. Only mine prefers horse $#!+ :D


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