Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunday again

I love Sunday's.  It is the one day that I can sleep in really late and not feel guilty.  It is because church isn't until 1:00 pm for a few more months.  I can waste the entire morning and not feel badly about it, because one shouldn't work on Sunday.  That is my story, and today I am sticking to it.

Yesterday we celebrated the youngest child's birthday.  I was too busy making pulled pork to blog.  I had to clean the house.  The bathrooms sparkled.  The beds were all made.  The dust disappeared.  I got out the fabulous silver water cooler and filled it with ice and lemon slices and water.  I splurged and bought Chinette.  I used the staple at all family gatherings....the red plastic drinking glasses and wrote names on them.  But, I went the extra mile and used real flatware.  No plastic.  Now that is going all out!!!

My dear family brought salads, desserts, and the most darling little children.  They are so cute.  They are the best part of family get togethers.  When I was shopping for the food I kept thinking about those darling kids.  So I bought Chicken Franks in case they didn't want to eat pulled pork.  I also bought the cutest little tiny cinnamon rolls, they were like finger food, for the kids.  The kids sat up to my counter and ate ice cream and little cinnamon rolls.  They loved them.  They said it was the best dessert they had ever eaten.

Then those darling little kids went and played. They played in my closet.  They tried on every pair of shoes I own.  They liked the ones with high heels (I hate those).  They liked the ones with "sparkles" (my personal favorite). They loved all the different colors.  And they left me with the biggest mess!

Then those cute little kids went downstairs, to where I sleep.  They threw every pillow off my bed and crawled into my sheets.  They must have jumped a little bit too.  The quilt was the wrong direction on my bed when I went to bed.  But, those little kids are so cute, how can I care?

Then, I noticed lights on.  Under every door of every room in my downstairs.  The storage room, yep, the light was on.  The "other" storage room, which I call the "dark room", yep, the light was on.  The furnace room, where there is nothing but a furnace, a couple of water heaters, and some gallons of paint, yep, the light was on.  Even the bathroom light was on.  The other guest room had the light on.  The youngest child's bedroom light was on.  The thing about this that amazes me the most is the fact that every light switch in our house is entirely too high!!!  They are about shoulder level to me.  I dislike the height of every light switch in this house.....every single one.  I am used the Pulte Homes, where the light switches are placed so a person in a wheelchair would not have to reach up.  They are the perfect height.  But my house now....a person on stilts would have to reach up to turn on the lights.  I can't figure out how these little children did it.  They could possibly push the switch up, but they aren't tall enough to get their little pudgy fingers on the top of the switch and pull it down.  That is the only answer.

However, we had a good visit.  We laughed.  The cousins really laughed.  That tells me their conversation was not G rated.  They are adults and they laughed like adults.  Therefore, I know they were having an adult conversation and that means it was probably PG13 rated...or even.... ___ I am not going to say it.  I am not going to go there.  But, they laughed and it was wonderful to listen to them.

I love my family.  I loved celebrating the youngest child's 30th birthday, and my mom's "other 30th birthday".  They have shared several celebrations together.  One year they shared an Annie Cake.  We have special memories of the birthdays that have been celebrated together.

I enjoyed myself with my family, and I put down the camera and fed the multitude.  So here are a few quick snaps from the day.

 We had a very hard rain earlier in the day.  So, we cancelled the BBQ outside and stayed inside.  This is a low spot in my backyard.  Yeah, I have a slight problem here.

Another view of where I am redoing some landscaping.

Nikki's gift to her sister.  They have a code name for spiders.  It is Stickem's.  The youngest child has a phobia of spiders, especially scorpions and Hobo Spiders.  However, they share a love for lady bugs.

30 candles on a Chocolate Bundt Cake.  We will celebrate with a cheesecake (her favorite) next weekend when the rest of the family are here.  Grams and youngest daughter blew out the fire alarms went off.  I was a little concerned about that...

So, happy birthday to you fabulous women.  I am so thankful to have you in my life!

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