Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Construction = Destruction

The City Of Ammon, that is where I live, has no respect of someone, like me, sleeping in late. 
Every morning I wake up to sounds being made by all sorts of equipment.

Some mornings it is a "road grader".  I thought they were called "road graters".  But I am wrong.  I don't mind that sound so much.  It is a piece or equipment my Grandpa used to drive, about 150 years ago.... not really that long ago.  But he used to keep the county roads, those that were still gravel roads back then.  He would drive the road grader and keep the weeds in the borrow pit mowed down.  The word "borrow pit" is an old Idaho word....do you know what it means?  Well, sometimes grandpa would find a jacket or gloves or something like that on the side of the road.  I remember him bringing a jacket to our house for my brothers to wear.  My brothers were little, and the jacket fit them.  It was always needed.  We had limited funds as I grew up, so every little thing like that helped.

Now days there are all kinds of tiny equipment that big men work behind.
This little dude is something tough.
It scrapes up rocks and a thin layer of dirt.
The dirt is dumped into the bigger piece of equipment,
and then it dumps it into a truck.

Other equipment men like are shovels.... they are really small in comparison.
The shovels gather up rocks and dirt, and then
it is dumped in a wheel barrow.
I thought it was called a "wheel barrel" when I was little.
Then the wheel barrow is dumped some place.

I have showed you this before.
I think I would not like to turn my back on this equipment.

I took this picture between my blinds from my living room.
I was hiding.
The men around here think I am crazy because I always have a camera.
They run and hide when they see me coming.
They throw their hands up in the air and scream and run away.
They are such babies.

But when they come back and get back to work, they get my fence up.
This is going around our park.

6 families in our neighborhood bought this lot, and we are making a park.
It will have grass, and a fire pit. 
We are planting 13 trees this week.

I might just have to act like a man, and raise my arms up in the air and run away screaming
when it is time to plant all of those trees.
Sounds like a bunch of work to me....

On second thought, I am just going to stay hidden in my house.
I am not going to answer the door when my neighbors holler and say,
"Sister T it is time to plant the trees".

I am going to close my blinds, turn off all the lights, and go back to bed and
 pull the covers over my head,..... again.
I will hide downstairs, where it is cool, and quiet,
where my neighbor, Norman can't find me.
I will lock the doors.
I will kennel the dogs.
I will not be available.

Then late in the afternoon, I will take them some lemonade.
Yep, that is exactly what I am going to do.
Maybe I will make some cookies, or cinnamon rolls to go with the lemonade.

That will keep my good neighbor Norman happy.

And while Norman is planting the trees, and he won't know I am in the house,
I will get my camera and take his picture.
I will post it here.
You will see my neighbor Norman.
And you are just going to love him!
He is a hard worker.
He looks out for me.
He is the ring leader of our home owners association.....

I am going to have to think of a name for Norman.
I think Norman wants to drive the big equipment around here.
Today he was driving his 4 wheeler and "harrowing" the dirt in our park.

In Idaho men do things like that.
They road grade, and skiff, and shovel, and harrow.
Men in Idaho are TOUGH!

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