Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ozkar is not a grouch

This is Ozkar.
He belongs to my youngest child.
But he lives in my heart and my house.

His mom went away.
She went to Alaska.
She has been gone 2 weeks.

While she has been gone, Oz has been...
He has trouble with his cousins.
They are girls.
They bark.
They play hard in the evenings.

He told me he thinks his mom is
a bum.
She left him here, in a new house,
in new surroundings,
and he is lonely.
Ozkar gets tired of playing with the girls.

He wants his mommy to come home.
He waits.
He watches the door.
He listens.

I think I can hear him scream.
He has a high pitched girly bark
and scream.

Oz can scream loud.

I don't understand how his mom can't hear him.
Is she listening?

He waits.
He stands guard.
Where is she?

He sniffs the air.
He is "smelling" for her.

In the hours of waiting he has kept me company.
He sits by my feet.
He lays next to me on the couch.
He is near me every hour of every day.

"Momma, come home"


  1. Well you know he is the man of the house right now. Treat him good!

  2. I'm home for you my boy!!!!! Thanks for being the best Nana ever and taking such good care of him. I know he's such a huge pain :D I love you both to infinity and back again :)

  3. He is such a handsome little man, I got to meet him the other day, LOVE HIM!!

  4. oh, lucky Oz!!! But do you think he was missing his girlfriend and smelling for her? He'll be so sad when Ash and I show up and she's not with us. :( Cute pics though mom... especially the screaming ones. HAHAHAHA.


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