Monday, August 23, 2010

School starts for some

Today in our neighborhood the school buses started running again.
The kids were all decked out in their new clothes, shoes, and back packs.

So I decided I would look in the newspaper and see what school sales there were.

Composition books $.10 @ Staples
Pencils #2 were $.25 a package @ Staples

Well, that was enough to get my attention.  I stood as tall as a solider.  As I was at "attention" when it dawned on me I didn't need school supplies.  Now, after all these years of not having a youngster starting school in the fall, why am I driven to go buy this stuff?

I think it must be part of the "empty nest syndrome".

But, technically, I don't have an empty nest.

Because my dear daughter, my best friend (other than my husband and other children), the momma to Ozkar, my eyes and my conscience, my slave, my cook, my house keeper.....

I do go on, don't I?
Don't answer that.....!

Well, this darling girl is still with me (us).
She hates me to talk about it.
She wishes I wouldn't say things about having her with me.

But what she doesn't know is how happy I am that she is here with me.
Otherwise, I would be alone.
No one wants to be alone.

I wouldn't have anyone else to stand outside with me
 and keep me company while I take pictures like this.

This is the scene we saw last night,
after our big rain storm!
It poured.
The temp dropped about 15 degrees.
I had to wear something on my feet while I was outside.
(I wore flip flops that didn't belong to me....guess who's they were)

It had been a warm day, but the rain came,
and cooled everything off....
and then the clouds left the sky...
and it got much cooler....

I wanted to light a fire in my fireplace, but I don't know how to light the pilot light.

So, after I took a picture of the sky...(well, the term "a picture" is used loosely)
we got to fooling around.

It happens when it turns cold, and we get happy about it.

I put my cold hands on her neck, and
she had some remark to make that wasn't a true reflection of the love
she feels for me.
I don't mind that she sometimes shares this side of herself with me.

this daughter,
yeah, the one that I like a really really lot....

like take my picture,
when I know she is,
she doesn't even try to hide it...

and then...
she does other things....
and I see them....






What was I saying ...something about an empty nest....


I better think about that some more.

Well, I guess she can dust and mop and cook and sweep and shop and
laundry and mow and wash and  load and unload and

She is SO going to pay for letting me see.....

.......maybe she will need all of those school supplies after all.


  1. ROFL!! :-) Oh how I love my sister!! OH, and the puddles from the rain and the fact that she's wearing a hoodie did not escape my attention either. wish i was there to have fun with you!

  2. hehehehehe. Oh Mom :) I love your cold hands on my neck. I'd take that over Nikki's heat any day hahaha. You know I love you even more than my luggage (and that luggage takes my beloved hoodies to some pretty spectacular places so that's saying something!) Thank you for letting me kick it with you all these years. You have given me the ability to live a life I would have never been able to have. You and Dad are the best gifts I've ever received. I love you.

  3. This makes my heart melt. I miss you both so very much!!!


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