Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Deseret Industries

Yep, I found a little table to refinish.

It was $5.00 and no body wanted it. 

It needed a mine, where it would be loved and adored.

But first, I had to "rough" it up a little.

That way the dust would look like part of the sanding I did on it. I just did a little and got bored.

I also used some Liquid Sandpaper.

It helped to degloss the little bit of varnish that was still on the tiny little table.

Then I wiped it off with a clean cloth.

I chose Behr Espresso Brown to use as the Primer/Paint.
That killed two birds with one stone.
I gave it a nice even coat all over the table.

Sorry, no picture...

Then I gave it a base coat to match an airmoire I have inherited.
The Primer/Paint made the paint go on fairly easy, but it needed two coats.

I heard the little table sigh as I finished the second coat.
It knew it was sheltered and loved at my house.
I think I saw it wink* at me.

I knew it had to have a little distressing or it wouldn't fit in with the other studio furniture.
So I gently sanded off the corners and obvious places where paint would wear away.

The little table is done.
It will sit at the end of my studio table. 
I will clutter it up in no time.
I will put inspirational magazines in the end,
and more magazines or paper or stuff on the bottom shelf.
The top will hold needed supplies for the projects as they come and go.

I am of the opinion that a studio can NEVER have too much horizonal surface.

Welcome to my home little $5.00 table.
(I won't tell anyone how much the new finger nails cost.
Next time I will wear gloves.)

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