Friday, August 27, 2010

She is having a birthday....

 My youngest little baby girl is having a birthday tomorrow.  I don't know how this happened.  If she turned into me, she would be born next year.  But she is her, and she is having a birthday tomorrow.

How is that possible?  We have been best Friends, like, Forever!  When she was a baby her siblings all went to school.  I had her all to myself.  We would lay in bed and read.  We would run errands together. We were never apart.

When she was 9 months old she flew on an airplane with her father and I to Phoenix, Arizona.  She stayed in a motel.  She swam in the pool with me.  She went house hunting with us.  She was so good.  I remember asking people at the motel to heat her bottles for me, and they were happy to.  She was such a good baby.  I was nursing her, but at times I needed to supplement her in public.  She was okay to eat what she was asked to eat, when I needed her to.  She just "rolled with the flow".

This wonderful baby grew up.  She used to play Barbies under the fig tree in our backyard.  She used to take piano lessons, and her legs dangled...she couldn't reach the floor.  She had hair to her bottom.  She wore braided loops.  She played with Cheryl every single day.  She was always a happy child.

This daughter loves to make things.  As a little girl she got a toaster oven for Christmas, so she could cook.  She started in the kitchen at a very young age.  No body on this earth makes Chocolate Chip Cookies as good as she does.

She knits, crochets, sews, shoots guns, hikes, cleans, reads, loves poetry, loves outdoors and cooler weather.  She has a soft heart.  She is aware of others needs.  She gives the best gifts.  She puts so much thought into gifts.  They don't always cost very much, but they are always tailored for the person she is giving the gift to.  She is thoughtful.  She is considerate.  But she isn't a saint.  I am making her sound like one.  She isn't.  If she is hungry or tired....stay out of her way....!!

She has a dog.  He is perfect for her.  They love each other unconditionally.  She takes such good care of him.  With grooming, feeding, training, loving, ......  they read each others minds. He has traveled to Alaska with her.  He goes swimming in the ocean with her.  He goes camping with her.  He sleeps with her, and he gets in his kennel for her. 

From this moment.....30 years ago, I was in labor with her.  I had been lead to believe she was a boy.  I had a name for a boy picked out.  Her brother wanted a baby brother.  We already had two girls and one boy.... I needed a boy to share a bedroom with the brother.

I was in labor.  We called our babysitter.  We drove from Riverside, Idaho to Idaho Falls.  It was getting close to midnight.  I didn't want to show up at the hospital and be told "Yes, you are in labor.  You have dilated to a 3.  It will be a while".  So, when we arrived in Idaho Falls, I suggested to my DH that we go to Taco John's and get a Diet Coke.  At 11:30 pm on August 27 we pulled up to the Taco John's.  My Darling Husband got out of the car....walked to the window to order....and I layed on the car horn...!!!  He walked back to the car (without the Diet Coke) and I said "Get in.  It is time!"

This darling girl entered the world 37 minutes later.  We didn't have a moment to spare once we arrived at the hospital.  She didn't give me much pain then, and she hasn't given me much pain since.

This darling baby has been a joy to me.  She has been my side kick and buddy everyday of her life.  She has eaten at "Carlos Junion" {Carls Junior} and has painted her nails with "Pol Nailish" {nail polish} and convinced her family that when her older sister was in college that we should mail all the "regular" flavor of instant oatmeal to her.  She has a quick sense of humor, and we have shared many belly laughs with her.  Why, even today she shared the story of her recent trip to Alaska this past month, and that made me laugh hard.

The story she shared was when she was in the airport in Boise and she had her back pack on.  She was in a gift shop and squatted down to look at something, and she couldn't keep her balance with the heavy back pack, and she fell backwards......she grabbed the display table for went down with her..... to the ground!  Can't you just see it!  I cracked up.

This little girl has been such a help to me and her father over the last years.  There is no end to her willingness to do things for and with us.  She carries heavy things.  She climbs up on ladders and cabinets.  She lugs boxes, assembles whatever we need, and is always helping me with technology, computer, camera,....whatever I need.  She learns what she needs to and then teaches me.

My little girl is as precious to me today, as she was 30 years ago.  Her giving and loving heart Never Takes A Vacation.

I am so proud to be her mother.  I am so proud of her.  I love her to.....the end of eternity and back.  And let me tell you, that is a lot.  Yes, little girl....tomorrow is your birthday.  Please don't ever grow up.  Don't ever leave my side.  Knowing you will...I hope your next 30 years are all you want them to be.  I will love watching you, and sharing you with others.  I will love you forever.

Happy Birthday my sweet baby girl.

I love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love YOU!


  1. Minus all the chub, I'm pretty freaking awesome! Wow! hahahaha. I love you, Ma! You made me who I am...mostly. And I am eternally grateful for that :) Thank you for all the lessons and skills you've taught me. You really truly are the best mom I could ever have. God knew what he was doing, without a doubt :)

  2. awe.... :-) Now wonder we all love TyTy so much. :D She is awesome!


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