Thursday, August 12, 2010

Dog Damage!

One dog for sale....and two for free.....!  That's right!  Quick, don't delay, at this price these dogs won't last long. 

Just think..... 3 dogs for the price of one!  You can't do better than that.

They look innocent don't they.
Ozkar, Zoey and Ivy.
The little blond one has another name.
It is Lucy.  That is short for Lucifer.

Do you want to know why they are FOR SALE ?


This is a $28.00 MAC makeup brush....

This is a $9.00 Essence of Beauty Makeup Brush

The clear handle makeup brush is from Arbonne. 
I don't remember how much it cost.
It is probably best that I don't remember the price.

This is NYC lipstick.
I loved this color.
That makes it PRICELESS!!!

I have had this blush brush for years. 
It has served me great.
It had many many many many many years in it.

But, today, it died!

I know three dogs that are lucky they didn't die!
But there is still an hour or so until bedtime,
so I could still lose my cool.......
my cool has been on a tight reign today.

It has taken me all day to cool down.

I have gone to brushes
I have gone to brushes
I still need to go to Walgreen's......there better be brushes!

Or we are having 3 funerals.

Don't send flowers.
Send Money...
to the "Replace my makeup brushes" fund.

No amount will be refused.


  1. OH MOM!!! ROFL
    I don't mean to laugh but that post is EXACTLY what I needed tonight! :D
    I love you heaps and tons! And the good news is... your birthday is just around the corner! :)

  2. oh, this is so sad. I'll confess... at first, my jaw dropped (NOOOO, NOT THE MAC BRUSH!!!) and it stayed there as I kept reading (drool forming even) and seeing more and more and MORE pictures of the destruction... and then I started to laugh. And my laugh kept growing and then I was laughing really hard (woke ash up - crap). But this is funny (i'm sorry it's at your expense, but this is really funny - some day you'll laugh too). Oh Lucy... she is such a wonderful soul. ;)


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