Monday, August 16, 2010

Dish towels

In keeping with the theme of my little French Chefs for my kitchen
I embroidered these dish towels.

Sorry this is blurry... Just couldn't find the "light".

Embroidery is getting less and less popular.
But I love the feel of thread being pulled through fabric.
I love how your fingers get poked and make the epidermis rough.
I love how the needle remains sharp, no matter how many times you poke yourself.
The needle glides through the cotton fabric, and your pattern appears.

After hand sewing these men to life......I really like them.
They are the best men to have around.
They don't demand to be fed.
They don't make additional messes.
They don't talk back.

And I now realize why I don't LOVE them.
They don't help me cook.
They don't work side by side me.
They don't help me get settled and make our home a home.
They can't carry on a conversation with me.

I miss the man who is alive.
The one who is suppose to be standing and lying next to me.
The one who has a twinkle in his eye.
The one I LOVE.

I will sing him to me.

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