Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Aurthur Itis

Today I was going to have a "pity party".
Aurthur Itis is visiting me again, today.
He is company I would rather not have.

So I parked my hinney in front of the computer, and did a little "catch up on my favorite blogs" time.

Now I can't have my "pity party".

I read NieNie. 
If you have never read it, you better plan on spending several hours and read older posts.  You must see what the life of this valiant family is like.  You must spend the time to get to know the hearts of these remarkable people.  You won't be the same, ever!


You will be just like me.  You will count your blessings.  You will give your kids more hugs.  You will shed tears of sadness, gratitude, heartache, and love. 

You will stop and think about the people in this world who have problems so much bigger than your own.  And you will count your blessings.  You will be so glad that you don't have to be tested by the really big problems. 

You will look at your life and never want to trade it with anyone you know.  Yep, you will just be glad that your problems are little ones.  The size you can handle.  The size you know you will get through.  They are just your size.  And they fit you.  And you will be glad to have them.

Some of my trials seem to be big right now.  I can count so many things in my life that aren't going as I had planned.  My future is today, and today isn't what I thought it would be. 

But, I am so blessed.  Because I get to experiences things that are for my good.  Things that make me stronger.  Things that I can handle.  I can sleep at night in safety.  I can be watched over by good neighbors and family.  I get phone calls and texts from my loved ones.  They let me know I am in their thoughts.  They care about me, and love me. 

So, today I am glad to not be alone.  I get Aurthur Itis to visit.  And I can handle him.  He will keep me company.  He will teach me patience and endurance.  He is good to me.  He helps me grow.  He helps me learn to do things in a new way.  He makes me much more grateful for the days when he isn't here.  I am thankful for this visitor.  He helps me to count my blessings.  And I will be counting all day.  I am so blessed.

I am compiling a few "ideas" to do in the future.  Things that I find inspiring.  Ideas.  These are just a few I have found today.  While I count my blessings....for the ability to type, for modern technology, for other people who share their talents with all of us, for all my "stuff" so I can make things like this, yep, for all my blessings.

A blessing I am looking forward to getting is snow.
I am going to "feel" Christmas this year.
Aurthur Itis will probably be here to visit then, too.
But I will still be able to use these ideas to help me make something I want to make.

As I look at this I can layer the many blessing I have.
What an inspiration!

I will give thanks today....and everyday....
for my blessings.
They are just for me.  Would I trade them? NEVER!

The main reason is the inspiration they give me.
I get to have "blog surfing days" to help me look forward to "hobby days".

I get to do inventory on my "stuff" and see what I have and what will work to make things like these.
I get to count all the boxes of "stuff" that I have.
And I like all my "stuff".
I am blessed to have  so much "stuff".

And I look forward to having some of my family over to make these with me.
Because I am blessed to have enough "stuff" to share.

Do you find this inspiring?

I do.

But NieNie is more inspiring. 
Her words and pictures, kids, trials, husband, family......
they are what is inspiring.  Truly inspiring.

So, if you have an extra few minutes or hours...go to Nie Nie's blog.
Read it.
And count your many blessings.

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  1. That part where you wrote about wanting the snow... I'll save this, and on March 28th when you're going out of your mind tired of being snowed in and wishing you were back in palm tree scorpion infested land, I'll send this to you so you can read it, sitting by your fire, drinking hot cocoa, with an ice pack on your knee. ;)


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