Saturday, August 7, 2010

Water off a ducks back.

We have all heard the saying "Water off a ducks back". 
Do you know what that means?
I have always thought it meant something like; not able to penetrate and not affect.
I think I was right.
But when you see it, it makes  ALL THE DIFFERENCE.

Today I will give you just a taste of what a duck thinks.......
As if I would know....

But I did get to watch a few of them and boy was I impressed.

They look so calm on the surface, but they are paddling like mad underneath the water.
They are in The Snake River, a river which is vicious and beautiful.
The current is strong.
The water is deep and powerful.

And these beautiful creatures are paddling UP stream.
They make it look so effortless.....
I know people who do that, too.  They make is seem effortless.

Even when there are rocks, some hidden and some apparent.  Yet they keep paddling.
They teach us a lesson by the example they set. 
No matter what it may appear to be, that isn't always the way it is.
We might not be in the Snake River, we might just be living our daily lives and have to paddle hard.
But no one realizes how hard we are working.
Our feet are out of sight, so we might appear to be floating.  Like we aren't working hard.
But we would be miles downstream if that were the case, and we weren't paddling HARD.

Especially if we are the mom.
Our little chicks just play and frolic around us.
There are mud puddles that lure our chicks and we have to keep the eyes in the back of our head open.
We can't ever stop watching them.
We have guide and direct and teach every minute of our lives.

Because we are the mom.
Because we love our chicks.

We can get help from our neighbors or a similar species....but....
We can't let up our watch and care, not even for a minute.

Dad's have to do this too.
Dad's have to be tough and kind, and strong and sensitive......

Sometimes we parents have to kick a little hinney....
And act like it doesn't effect us...
That we are strong....

We put our heads down and run like mad.....
and hope we are doing the right thing.

As parents (or ducks) sometimes we just have to say,

.........and make it look tireless, too.

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