Monday, August 9, 2010


Kids just make me smile.

Especially the little kids.

Well, so do teenagers.

And so do old people.

Yesterday I joined the family in Sugar City for dinner.
The 9 little grandchildren of my brothers were there.
They were hard to miss.

They played "dress up".
We had super man, Sleeping Beauty, a couple of Princesses and more....
They made me smile all night long.

When Art Linkletter said "Kids say the darndest things", he said it all.
And kids DO the darndest things.

Kids eat grass.
Kids don't eat their dinner, but they will eat old peas out of the garden.

They ponder whether to spit it out on the ground, or just do it.
This one did it.
He spit the old, hard, rotten pea right out onto the ground.

Some little girls are spell bound by what their great grandpa tells them.
They believe every word, as they should, because he is so much smarter.
Little girls love this great grandpa...
all of us do.

And some little boys just miss all the fun,
because the moms think babies are in need of sleep.
Moms are pretty smart too.

But the bigger kids just hang out around the garden,
and eat the peas and the raspberries,
because they can.

Joseph is a great draw for the little girls.
He is always playing with them and making them laugh.

What can I say, I love this face.

..................and this face, I love it...........

......and this face, I love it, too.....

and all the rest of the faces... I love them!

However, I am glad I am not responsible for cleaning them up.
They are just too cute, so I just look....and laugh....

The newest addition to the family it Reggie.
My mom has wanted a puppy for years,
and she got one.
Dad is just as in love with her as the rest of us.

Men have such soft spots for babies....
any kind of baby.

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  1. oh mommy I LOVE your blog!!! Keep 'em coming!! :D


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