Friday, August 13, 2010

Another treasure

Ok, I found another treasure a few weeks ago.

So, again, I have started.

Isn't this little table just the sweetest thing?
Doesn't it have personality?
Doesn't it have potential?

It has missing buttons, but I can fix that.

So the Primer/Paint coat is now painted.
It is going to peek through the finished paint.
The shabby chic look must have a dark undercoat.

The little dips and curves in the structure give this little table more charm.

I have to add the little buttons...which are now still in the store..

Therefore, I must go and find them.
Farewell dear friends...
for I must now leave you...
I have retail shopping therapy waiting for me....

I bid you farewell....
for now...


  1. Oh I HEART this table!!! Can't wait to see the finished product! :D You have the COOLEST thrift stores!!
    I have to close this comment now. I have used up my daily allowance of "!" hee hee hee

  2. THIS IS MY FAVORITE PIECE SO FAR!!! I love it... and so totally agree with Nikki - you have the coolest thrift stores (unlike mine full of used ikea crap). Can't wait to go hunting with you soon!!! :) Good job Mom, keep it up!!

  3. I don't know about your treasures but I do know about mine - YOU. People of the world, read this blog and you may get the smallest inkling of why I LOVE this woman. Just ignore Art, he is only trying to get under your skin. Miss you babe!

  4. I clicked on over here from pioneer woman to have a peek at your blog as I found your comment on the latest post so heartfelt. I know just what you mean.
    My son is away at uni and my daughter is a teen now so my babies are all of the furry variety! Oh my goodness weren't your dogs naughty with your make-up. So funny (sort of)!. Bx


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