Saturday, August 21, 2010

Idaho Sunset

I used to think Arizona had the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen.

I still think that.

Arizona has enough pollution in the air to make a beautiful sunset everyday.

Idaho has surprised me.

This is right out of the camera.
No editing was done to the photo.
And it was taken on my front porch.

Yep., Idaho has a spectacular sky at sunset.
Not every night..
But this night it is breath taking.

I did oil painting years ago.
I would not be able to identify these colors.
How does one recreate what God does.
We don't.
We try.
But the human does not have this kind of an imagination.

So, I will just sit back and enjoy.


  1. *sigh* my heart hurts. I want to sit on your front lawn and watch the sun set and feel the cool evening breeze with you. Soon mommy... the time will pass so quickly and then I'll be there. :-)

  2. Hi Tawna
    Thanks for visiting my neglected little blog space. I'm trying to update a little more regularly these days. I love Scotland too. Great scenery but nothing to match your Idaho sunset I think. Your photos are amazing. Love the pics of the poor wee dog who's pining for his mama.

    I have also read Outlander (called Cross Stitch in the UK for some odd reason.)Yes a bit too racy in parts I think but I enjoy her storytelling and I still have the rest to read so hope they live up to the first. Bx

  3. I don't know what more beatiful you or your pictures


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