Saturday, August 14, 2010

Another time and place

Years ago, a long long time ago, in the year 1950 to be exact, this is what the license plates in Idaho looked like.

Today this license plate is the cover of a book.  A very special book.  It is a book of my life.

The author of this book is my baby girl.  She will always be my baby girl. And this will always be a book about me. About my childhood, my high school, my early motherhood days, right up to the present.

This is above the cabinets in a corner of my kitchen.

I love these French Chefs.

They know good food.  And I love good food.  I appreciate what work goes into good food.

When you enter the front door of my house, this is the tile in the floor.

It is beautiful.

I would never had thought I would have this as the entrance of my home.

If I built this house, I would not have spent the extra to do this.
That makes it all the more special to me.

Directly under the French Chefs is this grouping.

That is a photo of me and my DH (dear husband).

I need him near me, so I have this photo to get me through each day.

In the family room is an apothecary cabinet.

The silver pieces are on top, in the dust.

I love the way they shine.

This was a gift to me from a very good friend.

I painted the magnets red, to match the French Chefs.

The tin plates are a great place for notes and reminders, business cards, etc.

I miss my friend.

I love seeing this each day to remind me of her.

And this little fellow is in my studio.

The studio is having a hard time getting put together.

I need some muscle to move a few things.

Yes, this is the now and where I live.
Just a peek into my world.
Join me often for updates.
It is nice to have some visitors come and see me.
Please, come again soon.


  1. You decorate so beautifully! Wanna come to Phoenix and help me paint my kitchen wall?
    Love ya

  2. You make me want to be there

  3. I love peeks into your world. Some of it looks familiar to me and some of it looks new. Thanks for letting me visit you today. :-)


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