Monday, March 5, 2012

Vacationing While Retired

Everyone needs to take a vacation.  Everyone.

Even old people who are retired.  Especially, old people who are retired.  Because, if they don't go on vacations, then they get used to getting up at the same time, and eating the same old things, and doing the same routine and going bonkers every now and again.  I suggest to all who are retired, to take a vacation.

I didn't invent this concept.  There are "snowbirds" and "sunbirds" dotting the planet.  I see their little white heads all over the  place.  I see cars with men in the front seat and women in the back seat.  I think that is a club that is formed when old people hang out together too long.

I don't want to join that club.  I don't want to have white hair.  I don't want to go bonkers.  I just want to take a vacation every now and again.

The time is NOW.

So, I called a few important people and made some plans. 

First, My parents. 

Me:  "Mom, we need a vacation.  May we stay with you?"

Mom:  "Of course.  We would love to have you.  I will tell Reggie.  She is the only one we need to prepare for change."

Me:  "Oh, thank you mom.  We will see you and dad and Reggie in a few days".

As soon as Reggie knew we were coming she was so excited.  By the time we arrived she was beside her self.  She ran out the front door and greeted us on the driveway.  Yes, she was so excited she peed on the driveway.  She just loves me that much.  She can't contain herself.  She does that when my Brother Kelly and his wife show up at their house, too.  No one else has the same effect.  That makes me so proud.

We spent several wonderful days in southern Utah.  The weather was perfect.  Warm days, cool nights.  We ate at some very fun places.  My favorite was an Asian Buffet.  Fresh shrimp galore.  I was in heaven.

We went to some specialty shops and actually kept our wallets in our pockets for most of the time.  And they are really special shops, which I just love.  We also went to quilt shops, home decorating shops, .....  well, I could go on and on, but just know how much fun we had.

Then we were off to our old stomping ground in Arizona.  You see, I had a craving for lemons and fresh grapefruit, and I just happen to know where there are some trees, and yes, we raided them.  Just a little.

It is quit amusing how all of our Idaho neighbors were in Arizona.  And how we just happen to meet up with them.  We all went to the Renaissance Festival together.  It was the first time for them.  They didn't quite know what to expect, but since DH and I are seasoned Festival Goers, we kept them on the straight and narrow and didn't let them fall into any cleavage, or pubs, or end up on some stage.  They all behaved admirably.

We watched jousting, and our man won.....why wouldn't he....he is gorgeous!

Well, I will just show you a few of the sights we saw.......

I ate lunch next to these ladies and took up a conversation with them.  They Made These Clothes!!!

And this might be next kitchen!

This is not my next husband......

I like the one I have!!!!!!!!!
He plays, with me, and we have so much fun!

The music from The Tartanic Nation was splendid.  Two bagpipe players and two drummers.
They were marvelous.........

Even after they undressed they were still good......

However, I will stick with what I know.............

And what I love...................

Just look at these ladies.......!

And then there are the Turkey Legs!

Some were eaten there and some were purchased and taken home for later.  We couldn't seem to get our fill of all the good food.

 Bread bowls with spinach soup/dip. 

Chocolate covered strawberries, onion rings, fish and chips, burritos, diet coke, water, ...... it was a long day, and we had to keep up our strength.... we had to eat.   and eat.    and eat.

So, we enjoyed a full day.

If you want to go have a fun adventure.  I suggest the Phoenix Renaissance.

And our vacation continues.  So stay tuned........

Love, Me

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  1. Your right about vacations!! You remind me of me!!I also am retired and going bonkers waiting to go somewhere soon. I have the same little puppy as you and love her to death. We are going to Myrtle Beach in June and have to leave her in a Kennel sniff sniff. but I still can't wait to go.Loved reading your blog. Smiles, Carol Mae


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