Monday, March 19, 2012

Cherished Family Heirlooms

When I was a little girl, our family lived next door to my paternal grandparents. 
My grandmother was so talented.
She sewed. 
She crocheted.
She cooked.
She gardened.

She was a wonderful example to me.

She taught me the first sewing skills I ever learned.

In High School I took Home Economics, which is a class no longer available to high school students.  I was taught how to cook and sew in that class. The teens today really miss out on the home making skills that I took for granted.  But, I have regressed.  I was telling you about my grandmother. I always got A's because my grandmother helped me. When I had to learn how to put in a zipper, I went next door and let grandma help me.  She knew all that kind of stuff.

Grandma had a blue cookie jar which always sat on her counter.

She had a tiny little kitchen, and not much counter space.  The cookie jar sat on the right side of the little kitchen window, under the small bank of over head cabinets.  That cookie jar was always there, and always full. It was always filled with homemade cookies. She made raisin filled cookies all the time. 

When she passed away, my mom was in charge of taking care of cleaning out the house.  She said, "What would you like of grandma's?"  It was easy for me to answer, "Her cookie jar."

I got the cookie jar. 

I have not paid proper justice to the cookie jar, while it has been in my care.  I cherish it, so I have kept it put away.  I didn't ever want to take the chance it would get broken. When my children were smaller, I tucked it away.  As the children have grown, I have kept it tucked away.  Recently, I was cleaning out some things in the pantry and found the cookie jar.  It was hidden behind the wild rice, powdered buttermilk, and potato pearls.  It doesn't belong there!

It doesn't match a single thing in my house.  I don't do blue.  But, it is time to bring it out.  It shouldn't be tucked away.  It should have never been tucked away!!!

I love the look of the chef. 
I love the crackle of the glass. 
I love the faded spots and the old spots. 
I love that it has aged.
It is stained and has a tiny little chip on his apron.
That chef is my bosom buddy.  I have missed him.

He is right in style with his long hair, hanging in his eyes.
It is a cute little comb over, just like Justin Beiber......sort of!

He fits into my family.

He even looks like me.

I fold arms just like that!!
I always put the left over right hand..... always.

I wear aprons when I cook.
I have several, but I don't have a blue one.
Just saying.

His head makes the best little handle.
His body hold all the cookies.
Even though he isn't really very big, he is big enough.

He even  wears his pants long and hangs on the ground when he walks.
I do that, too.
Will that ever go out of style?

He is now back in Idaho.
He needs to not be tucked away.
He needs to be filled with cookies.

My dad loves cookies.
I can imagine him putting his little boy hands in the chef to get a cookie.
Maybe this cookie jar is why he loves cookies so much.
It probably has good memories for him, as well.

So, if you come to my house, and you see the old blue cookie jar, don't be surprised.  Don't wonder about the random blue.  Or the old cookie jar.  Because, if you know me, you know that I love it.

He is going to sit with my other chefs.  They party everyday on top of the cabinets and keep me company when I am home alone.  They are great secret keepers.  They never tell anyone when I cheat and eat foods that should be not consumed other than meal time.  I just love friends like that.

I have several old funny things in my house.  Some of them tell a story, and some are just cute. Each funny odd item is special to me for some unknown reason.  Most of the time I couldn't tell you reason, I just know it belongs to me.

However, I know the reason for this old blue chef cookie jar.
And for me, that is enough.

Love, Me

ps....what do you you think about Oreo's?
       Oh, never mind.  I have him sitting high enough that I couldn't reach them anyway.

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