Saturday, March 3, 2012

"High Tea"

I could have been in London today, instead of San Diego.  I can tell you I felt like a queen!

My middle daughter took me to High Tea.  Something I never knew existed.  What a treat!
I want to share every bite with you.  I wish I could share every smell, flavor, texture, and ambiance, as well.  It was a real treat.

We went to Tea-Upon-Chatsworth.

Yep, it began with a cup of tea.
We chose Bangkok Green tea.
It was suggested we not add milk to the green teas.
It was very good.  My second favorite one.

It began with the Tea List.
We were to choose two selections. 
We narrowed it down to three. 
They were very gracious and served us our three choices.

What would you choose?
It was a hard decision to make on an empty stomach.

There were tea cups everywhere.
And tea pots.
And flowers.
They were our center piece.

And ....... it was lovely! 
We felt like "Downton Abbey" gals.
Except our "footmen" were gals.
Then our first course was served.
Cream of Potato and Watercress Soup!

It was SO good. 
Sipping it with a small soup spoon was torture. 
I wanted to pick up that dainty little cup and scarf it down in one gulp!

Then the second pot of tea was served.
Paris- Fruity with a hint of bergamot and vanilla, reminiscent of a blend in Paris.
My favorite of the three.

Then came the main course. 
There are not words to tell you how good the food was.
The only problem was............
I could have eaten 3 of the displays!

We began with the lower tier.
That is where the warm foods are.

The one on the far right is what we ate first.
Chicken, Roasted Apples and Walnuts en Croute.
(Prurdy fancy, hey)
There was also.......drum roll.............
Welsh Tomato and Olive Rarebit.
Broccoli and Mushroom Strata.
Ambrosia Tea Sandwich is the one with the pink filling.
Cucumber Garden Tea Sandwich.  (My favorite of the two sandwiches)
No, I didn't eat the rose petal, or the rosemary. 
Although, I could have.

The second tier:

A palette cleanser.
Fresh fruit.  Orange and strawberry.
Currant-Caraway Scone with powdered sugar.
(Where was the rest of the baking sheet... I Wanted More)

The scone was served with a side of fresh apricot jelly and cream.
I think the cream was made in heaven. 
Yep, it was that good!

Even the cream and apricot jelly had a rose petal and greenery in it.

Top Tier:  Dessert!

With our third pot of tea, Almond Cookie.

We started with the Scottish Petticoat Tail Dipped in Chocolate.
It was like a shortbread.
Then we tasted the Frangelico Chocolate Truffle, and only had a corner of it.
It was so Divine we wanted it for the last taste.
So we ate the Victoria Rose Tea Cake, topped with fresh black berry.
Then finished with the truffle.

When I say there are tea cups every where. I am not kidding.
See the wreaths in the window.......

Yep, tea cups.
Tea pots and tea cups lined the window seal.

Although it was fabulous food, darling decorations, amazing ambiance, the best part was sharing it with my daughter.

She is a food critic and chef on the side of her motherhood life.  She smells, tastes, and adores food.  She is an amazing cook and is courageous enough to made and decorate tons of fancy cookies.

She is a perfect tea party guest/host.

I can't thank her enough for this special treat.
It was a day I will remember forever.
We shopped all the rest of the day and ended with a quick dinner of pesto pizza at  Schlotzskys.
That was a treat for me too. 

Thank you my dear daughter.

Love, Me

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  1. Do you know I've been looking forward to enjoying this blog so much that I brewed me some tea, made me some toast and treated myself to real butter and homemade jam on it! Only the best to enjoy this special day with you two :)Then I sat down to partake while reading :) Can't wait to do it with both of you in person next time!!!!


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