Friday, March 16, 2012

The Vacation Continued, part 2 (many weeks later)

We spent a quick day with out grandkids in Arizona.  The time was precious and went way too fast.  How I miss those kids.  They are getting so big.  Both of them are taller than me!

After leaving Arizona, we made a quick trip into Mexico.

Dental work for some, food for all, jewelry, lotion, prescriptions, etc.  You know.
When friends are together, if one buys something, then everyone needs to.
That is the law.  Whos law, I don't know, but I am sure it is the law some where.

I didn't want to carry my camera, so no pictures, sorry.  It is probably for the best.
Black mail is illegal.  So are some drugs. What happens in Mexico, stays in Mexico.

Then we were off to San Diego!  That is where my baby grandson is.  Oh, so is my daughter, but that baby is growing and changing every day, so I was glad to get my hands on him!

I have pictures of the cutest grandson!

He has room for improvement with his table manners, but he is still cute!

He tries hard too be good, and use a spoon, ....... sometimes........!

But, dang he is cute!

And he has such "attitude".

I taught him several new things while I was there.

To say "Pee Ewe"...

What does the donkey say?  "Hee Haw".

And to Break Dance!!!

We practiced every day.

We shot hoops together, we jogged together and we read books together.  We sang lots of songs together, we ate and shared drinks together, we took rides and both sat in the the back seat together, we played on the computer together, we even napped together.

We even refinished his mamma's patio furniture together.

He is so cute.


And I am sure he misses me!

Love, Nana

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