Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Downton Abbey

Since my daughter took me to "High Tea" I keep thinking, I am living the wrong life.

I want to be in "Downton Abbey"!

To say that I am obsessed with the series is putting it mild.  Very mild.
I am addicted, obsessed, and really like it!

And now I have discovered there is a book! 
A book with pictures!

Those ladies have "High Tea" every single day.
Without me!

I have to give credit where credit is due!
I found this information out while I was reading some of the blogs I follow.

One blog that I love is http://getcottage.blogspot.com/
I am best friends with this Jacqueline and she doesn't know it.

Anyway, she is the one who posted about the book of Downton Abbey.
She posted the pictures I am using to share with you.

Because I haven't got the book yet!!!
But, I will!

The pictures are so cool.
I want to be there. 
And wear the clothes.
And be skinny.
And wear those clothes like they do.

Brace yourself for the clothes......
I love them!!!!!

I took the test to see who I would be on Downton Abbey.

I am Anna, the Ladies Maid, to Mary. 

That figures!  It is because I know how to do hair, I am sure. 

Aurgh!!  I want to wear gloves and hats and neat heels.
And have someone draw my bath, and do my hair....
And have an accent, and live in England,
And have lots of stuff, like silver pots, and china, and ride horses, and eat fancy food,
And let someone else make my bed, and spoil me, everyday..
Every single day.

Or, would I rather be Mrs. Patmore and cook in her awesome old fashioned kitchen.
I would even be happy there!
I love cookstoves, and crocks, and cast iron, and dough, and learning new recipes,
And making food look fancy with fresh fruit, like raspberries, and
I love scones and lemon curd, and cream, and tea, and
Yep, I could even do the kitchen stuff........

Some of my obsession has poured over into my shopping.
Today I bought China, from England, with Forget Me Nots....... so I can have a tea party!
I don't dare pack it in my luggage, so I will have it delivered to me in April.
(I am amazed at what I can find at Goodwill..... just saying.......)


I have to wait until April....to have a tea party on china with Forget Me Nots........

So, I am going to buy the book to hold me over.
I have already bought season one and season two of the series on DVD.
(I am grateful for Masterpiece Theater!!!)


Love, Me


  1. Dearest Mama,
    You would delight me with your presence at my next high tea. I have recently received a splendid recipe for scones from our dear friend, Giada, that I would love to test out with you. COME HOME!!!!! :)
    Forever with love, your baby daughter.

    1. I can't wait.... should we dress up? Do you have a hat? Do I have to wear nylons? We will have tea......I am excited!


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