Monday, March 19, 2012

Crazy Kids

I have Crazy Kids,

But I love 'em. 

I love their attitudes on life.
I love their willingness to tend my dogs when I leave home.
I love being their hairdresser.
I love being taught by them.
I owe everything I know about computers to my crazy kids.
I love the fact that they are so remarkably like my mom.

I love how they tell me how to organize my life and my pantry.
I love how they cause me to loose sleep.
I love how they call me often, just to touch base and to say "I love you".
I love how they don't let me make mistakes, like raise chickens.

I love how they park their cars in the driveway, blocking my car in the garage.
I love how they take exotic trips and ask me to tend their dogs.
I love how they tell me about their trips and bring me something from foreign countries.

I love how they appreciate my cooking.
I love how they let me tell them what to do, when they are in my kitchen.
I love how they let me tell them what to do at other times, as well.
I love how they anticipate dart games, camping, and the fireworks on the river.

I love my crazy kids.

I love that they support me in whatever I am up to.
I love the willing way they help me with projects.
I love watching them mature and become well adjusted adults.

Well, I love watching them!

I even love this one.

Love, Me

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