Sunday, March 18, 2012

Pinterest Addiction / Dishes

I have dishes in the dishwasher to unload.
I have laundry in the hamper to wash.
I have a dog that needs groomed.
There are moldy grapes on the kitchen counter, .......
Garbage's need dumped.
I haven't showered today.

And all I want to do is look at other peoples stuff on Pinterest.
I have some true loves and I  look for them, on Pinterest.

I love old dishes.
And I found someone who has a set like mine.

I don't have sugar cookies, or roses, but...... that is possible.
I don't have the tea pot either...... hummmm.
However, I do have a lace tablecloth.

I don't have a matching butter dish.......
But, I do have a nice platter.

Just in case my DH is reading this, while he is away from home, and wants to bring me home a wonderful surprise, I think I have dropped a few hints.

I don't have a cabinet to display the dishes in either.
I really like the bead board on the back of this cabinet.

In sharing my life on the www, I am going to share a thought I am having.

I miss you honey.
I am spending my time on Pinterest, and not out shopping (today).
It is raining and I think I will cook instead.
Maybe I will set a pretty table for my dinner.
I miss you, ever so much my DH!

Love, Me

ps. my phone won't text.  I think it will need to be upgraded soon.

pss.  I love you!

pss.  I am going to unload the dishes I have in the dishwasher now.  And clean out my cabinets and make room for ......for........more dishes.

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