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Encinitas is a quaint little town on the beach in Southern California.  It is known to be a little eccentric.  There are galleries, eateries, bookstores, tee-shirt stores, and lots of weird  quaint, little, one of a kind stores.

On a recent family outing we went to some of our favorite places in Encinitas.

A swap meet, with new items is always a must.  But, I think the economy is taking its toll on this one.  We didn't buy any thing.  That is very unusual for us.  Someone can find something, usually.

Then we strolled the streets.....no, not "that" kind of strolling.  We are a nice decent family.

I had to copy right this photo. These handsome guys belong to me.  I share on a limited bases.

Uncle Oliver just loves this little man.  And that little man loves his uncle Oliver.  They play games and tease each other.  They throw footballs and basket balls and baseballs to each other.  They are good buddies.

And Asher knows his "Ah-Dah" (grandpa in Asher language) will save him from Uncle Oliver.  The three of them make really good friends, and play really fun games.  And they tolerate the woman in their lives who make them walk the sidewalks of Encinitas and shop. They are great guys.

It took 2 ladies and 3 grown men to keep our eyes on this guy as we shopped. 

We weren't very smart when we picked a "breakable" store to go in.  But, it was something we had to do.  We have to do this one store every time we go to Encinitas.  We have to get inspiration from this store.

It is called "gar-den-ol-ogy".  Isn't that the cutest name?

This is a cart they have outside of the store.  It just sits quietly on the sidewalk, just to lure you into the store. 

Once inside the store you have to just wipe the droll off your chin.  It is very eclectic and right up my alley.  (That translates to "I want to buy everything in here....but can't afford it")

It is full of one of a kind things. 

I asked if  I could take pictures....and they hesitated....so I told them, "I am a tourist, just visiting."  Then they agreed I was free to take as many as I wanted.  Enjoy myself.  Make myself at home.  They also said, "We ship to anywhere in the United States". 

I got out my camera so you could see some of the fun stuff that I couldn't afford to buy or ship home.

This cute little 3 shelf unit was a meager $195.00.  I thought about asking if they had two!
I think I saw one in the alley earlier. I am sure that is where this came from... but it was clean.

I had to copy right this photo, as well.  No one would believe what the price was on that clock.  Yes, that is the big hand of the clock with the price tag on it.  The clock is made from old reclaimed railroad ties.  So you  can only imagine how much that baby must weigh!  See the nautical rope they have used at the top to hang it.  Yeah.  Heavy!! The 4 main numbers on a clock were there, in roman numerals.  Look close.  You can see the IX.  That is roman for 9.

Remember this little guy.  Now you know why none of us took our eyes off him.  We couldn't afford him touching a single thing.  We were insane to put him on the floor.  His dad is standing right behind him ready to save the breakable items.  But, Asher just wanted to touch the lines in the expensive table.  He has really good taste.

$350.00 for this sign. 
I would love to (someday) make one of these signs for my Aunt Deanne.  She is the girl twin to my Uncle Dean, who is the boy twin to my Aunt Deanne.  When they were little tiny kids they sang "You Are My Sunshine" together.  It is one of those tunes that sticks in your head once you hear it.  I can hear it now...and will for the next 17 hours.  It is just one of those kinds of songs.

Now, remember we are near the beach, where sea shells are found all the time.  We are near the beach so anything to do with the beach is a great way to decorate.

Then I saw a plate of sea shells.

I didn't lift up this plate to see how much it cost.....I figured I could  take scuba diving lessons and get my own shells near Balize for less money.  But, you have to admit.... they are spectacular shells.

Maybe these shells are from a different ocean.  One where giant underwater creatures live.

I think I will check out  Amazon for this book.  I don't know why..... because I don't need some book to tell me what I already know.  I am happy.  And I love this year.  But, some people would like this on the coffee table I suppose.

*Sorry, I don't mean to sound so smug!  I am sincere when I realize I am a happy woman.  Truly.*

Now, this book I could totally check out Amazon for.  I love the cover!  And the insides is great, too. 

Even though I live rather casually now, this just has "style" that I don't have.

Cool book, don't 'cha think?

I totally dig that table on the cover.  Maybe I can talk Mr. DH to recreate it for me.....someday.

But THIS BOOK.... oh, I fell in love.
I am going to recreate this someday......................... hope I live long enough.

This store was full of such wonderful things.
Candles, wrapping paper, lotions, lacey sheets, white crisp linens.....to die for.

And then I LOOKED UP... and saw this!

Someone, quick, get me some smelling salts!  I am going to faint. (How am I going to explain to DH that I am having this shipped home....?)  I have to tell you I fell in love.  I think every girl should have something like this in her home, somewhere.....  Where would I put it????  I guess I need a different home for this.  OK, I passed it up, too.... dang!

If you are ever walking on the sidewalks of Ensinitas and you see this little cart....you must go inside the store and check out the beautiful stuff they have.  You will drool.... be warned.

You might see the store front and the display.  That might get your attention.  It is just an appetizer for you to come in and see all the unique things they have.  Very "one of a kind" things.  My kind of things.....Not practical, but fun.  Very very very fun.

Where would you put this..?

I think I better get a job here, and stay here and sleep on the beds and the crisp linens and earn some money and hope I get a really good discount....and.....dream about this stuff.......

They heard what I was thinking.....

So, if I can't be found living in Idaho you will find me living near the Pacific Coast Highway.

I will be the one with the really skinny wallet

Love, Me

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