Thursday, July 29, 2010

Lost Photos

I am near tears.

Yep, giant, ocean size tears.

Not my eyes, but my heart is sobbing today.

I spent 48 hours with my brother and his wife and their wonderful children in Island Park, at their "lodge" (which they call a cabin) earlier this week.

I took 300 photos.

I put my scan disk into my computer and was deleting and editing the photos.  They were fabulous!  They were one of a kind....... and I lost them.

See, I was interrupted by a storm.
A really good Idaho storm.
The kind with thunder, lightening and wonderful black clouds.

So, being the photographer that I am, I ejected my scan disk from my computer and put it back into my camera.
Knowing there were over 300 photos on my card, I DELETED THEM!!!

I went outside and I took fabulous photos of the black sky, the rain, my wet car, ..... you know the kind of photos....the ones I won't save, I won't ever look at again.  The kind of photos that don't matter.

AURGH!  I am in pain as I think of the photos I hadn't saved:
*  The one with my brother holding his newest grandson.
*  The one of my niece's husband playing with that same baby.
*  The one of the little kids playing "kitty" in the dog pen, on the deck.
*  The close up faces and those precious expressions.... (I can't stand the pain I feel)
*  The faces, the eyes, the innocence.  (Oh, the pain...)
*  The picture of my brother and his wife.  Yep, the one that showed how much they love each other.

OH, the hard lessons we learn while growing old and trying to learn new tricks... technology is not for the faint of heart!

So I will leave you with a selected few ( some of the unimportant ones are saved... ^(*&(%*) of those precious 48 hours...

Watching Pre-dawn, waiting for the sun to rise... 5:30 ish in the A.M.

My sister in law and her oldest grand daughter... Can't you just feel the love?

The mother of the oldest grand daughter.

Same oldest grand daughter and youngest addition to their family..

Second child of same family... I love this face... and I had some "really special" photos... that are gone, gone, gone, forever......

And child # 3 of the same family..
She was a preemie...and is still very small...
and hasn't grown into her eyes yet...
those photos of those eyes...
You will never see those photos,
but I see them in my memory,
and they were fabulous!!!

And this is the boat dock.  My son in law would love to water ski here....if he would ever come with his family and find out for himself....

The sun coming up is reflected in the water....the smooth as glass water.....the water which is the home to fish...... the water, the sky, the peace, the tranquillity....

Yep, I love being in Idaho, and I love going to Island Park and sharing the beauty with my family.

So, I am planning a trip back, like, SOON, so I can try and recapture some of those faces.... and I will save them FIRST thing ..... before I edit, or anything...... and I will show you those faces.  And I will show you the love.  And I will show you the inside of my heart through those photos.

Those photos will look something like these:

These two kids are my heat, the inside and the outside.
I love them now and forever.
I miss them, and they are still in Idaho,



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