Monday, July 19, 2010

The Little White House

I have an Aunt Patrice.
She is younger than me.
She has an older sister, Lois and a brother David.  They are both younger than me, too.
Yep, in Idaho things like this sometimes happens.
But it is natural for me, as I know nothing else.

Don't you have an Uncle and 2 Aunts younger than you?

Hummm, I thought everybody did...

Well, Aunt Patrice invites the family over for an evening of relaxation and fun.
We have good food and great company.

My Aunt Patrice lives in "the little white house".
It is a little house which my grandmother and grandfather had when they were first married.
They little house has been in our family all these many years.
I lived in the "little white house" when I was first married.
My first baby was born when we lived there.

The "little white house" used to be white.
Then it was a grayish blue color.
Then it got siding and is now a different color...
But it will always be known as "the little white house".

It is a tiny little house, on a great big lot, in the middle of the city, and the city just grows and grows around  "the little white house".

"The Little White" house has an "outside bedroom".
The real one is in the attic, and it is so charming, but it can get warm in the summer,
so there is a garden bedroom.
Doesn't everyone want a garden bedroom?
I do!!

My Aunt is a "free spirit".
And I love, love, love her.

She is brave a self sufficient.
She does life her way.
She lives her life as she want to.

And she takes great pride in "the little white house.

She share is with all the family.

Every summer some of the family get to spend an evening in the yard of "the little white" house.
She builds a fire, and we roast wieners.
Yep, wieners.


Sometimes we bring additional goodies to go along with the roasted wieners....salads, chips, and stuff.
But the wieners are the best.  The smokey flavor of the fire on the wieners and in your eyes.  It makes your hair stink, and your clothes stink and everyone of us loves every single second.

There is a tiny little bitty smallish bathroom in "the little white house".
It only has a shower.

So, there is a need for a garden bathroom.
A cast iron claw foot tub is surrounded with a canvas enclosure.
Hot water is run from the sink to the tub....and Wah La.... an outside garden tub!

Long soaks with stars above, a gentle summer breeze, and total relaxation.

My Aunt has lived there for many years now.
She takes good care of the "little white house".
Her yard is lush, with flowers and flowers and trees and vegetables, and flowers.


Everyone can play games, run around, get the giggles, eat, play, laugh, giggle, and hide in the flowers...
and giggle, and eat, and talk, and laugh, and giggle, and hug and love..... at "the little white house"
When we are there we feel the presence of those who are no longer with us.
The memories we each have are special just to us.
The picking of raspberries.
The milking of cows.
The outhouse.
The loom with a rug on it being woven in those precious spare moments.
Sweet smells of cooking garden vegetables.
Green apples.

We miss the wonderful people who made a log cabin into "the little white house".
We miss the love, the welcome, the simple way of life.
The traditions, the generosity, the unfailing support.
The love.
The love.

Generations of us have gathered at "the little white house".
Cousins seeing each other, sisters getting together, brothers sharing memories and meals.
Sleep overs outside.
Lilac bushes in full bloom.
And Halloween decorations......
Witches and black cats.......
Bouquets of flowers....


This is my dad.
He relaxes at "the little white house".
He smiles, he visits, and shares the love and joy of our family.

His smile sums up what we all feel when we are at "the little white house".


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